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The Star Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of XVII The Star Tarot Card?The Star means hope and confidence in the Tarot. It is about private as well as professional and legal matters. In addition, the Star stands for a protective function, which means that whatever risks and challenges in life may lie ahead, the Star protects against them or at least cushions the consequences enormously.

Short Meaning The Star

  • Hope
  • Confidence
  • Protection
  • Light
  • Blessing

The Tarot Card the Star stands primarily for light, protection and blessing. If you have had an idea for a long time, which you would like to realize, but have put it off again and again, you can now become active. The implementation will be under a good Star and the Star offers its blessing. For me, this map clearly shows how helpful the universe can be in many phases of life, if you don’t give up and stay on the ball.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card The Star

The tarot card the Star lives up to its name, because it shows that upcoming projects are under a good Star. It does not matter where the journey goes. This applies both literally and metaphorically the Star accompanies, gives protection and gives a comforting light. Those who are sometimes sad or desperate need only look at a Star in the firmament and know that it will go on and on and that the universe holds good things in store. At the same time, the Star symbolizes a considerable degree of spirituality. Everything that cannot be explained with the mind falls into this category and enriches our lives immensely, in my opinion.

The Star In Love And Relationship

If the Star is revealed in matters of love and relationship, this indicates that both partners do not yet trust each other enough, but are on the right track. This is especially true at the beginning of a relationship, when there has not yet been an opportunity to prove the trust. If the relationship has already existed for a long time, the fate is with the partners. Again, one can say that the relationship as a whole is under a good Star, even if there are the usual differences of opinion. If things are not going so well at the moment, there is great reason to believe that conflicts can be resolved and harmony will return to the relationship. In my opinion, the Star is a very positive tarot card.

The Star In Money And Career

If Stars hows itself in terms of profession and career, this can be seen as a positive promise. A promise that a project will reach a good conclusion. This can be an examination, further training or a work case. In case of a reorientation, Star promises very good prospects and illuminates the professional path with its light. This tarot card reminds me of what it is like to reach for the Stars and I think, also in professional terms we should not stop dreaming and try to realize ourselves over time. This may sometimes require intermediate steps, but the tarot card the Star shows the right way. Furthermore, stations that lead to the final destination can be at least as interesting as the final destination itself, in my opinion.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card The Star

The flip side of the tarot card the Star does not look so positive. This is about bad doubts, depressions, mistrust and the like. Even if nobody likes to hear these aspects, they cannot be dismissed. In my opinion there is only one thing that helps: Close your eyes and go through. Just make the best out of the situation, then the Star will change back into the right light and give its blessing, just like its original function. Here the saying comes to mind: Help yourself, then God will help you. You can also call it universe or super consciousness. In the end, it is a source with many names, I think.

The Star In Combination

The Star And The Fool

A harmless person is implied. Maybe not very intelligent, but altogether quite nice. A big child and rather a helpless person.

The Star And The Magician

This combination points to reward for hard work. Difficult conditions were met. The right to relaxation is also a priority here.

The Star And The High Priestess

Discoveries are made regarding a new direction in life. It is not a time of successful work, but a time of reorientation.

The Star And The Empress

It is about the feeling of wanting and having to fulfill destiny. True will and right action are in the foreground. These aspects have to be considered and lived.

The Star And The Emperor

When these cards are connected, Triumph is the card that comes into play. Peace comes after success. Being in one’s own territory gives satisfaction and relaxation.

The Star And The Hierophant

A discipline in self-improvement is important here. Among other things, it is about goal-oriented people with strong faith in themselves and the cause itself.

The Star And The Lovers

If these cards are in combination, voices are heard. Finally something is understood after a long time. A relationship shows its soft side.

The Star And The Chariot

A powerful, spiritual experience is at work here. Either as a total secret or totally public. In any case extreme. The fruit of victory or the action of the losers are feared.

The Star And Justice

Refers to curiosity. A fondness for stories, especially puzzles. A tendency to find difficulties in an otherwise simple situation is found here.

The Star And The Hermit

The need to be alone has absolute priority here. Only then can the person in question reflect and come to terms with himself.

The Star And The Wheel Of Fortune

Refers to self-knowledge and self-observation for self-improvement. A person who recognizes the element of chance and tries to avoid mistakes plays an important role here.

The Star And Strength

Means curiosity. There is a preference for stories, especially for puzzles. A tendency to find difficulties in an otherwise simple situation tests patience.

The Star And The Hanged Man

One who is easily misled is represented by this constellation. A person who lives vicariously for others. A bad evaluation of the character can have serious consequences. It is about a real daydreamer.

The Star And Death

Recovery from oppression or pathological loneliness is the focus here. Visual experiences in the night are connected with the moon. Houseplants could get too much water.

The Star And Temperance

This constellation presents difficulties in self-perception. Spiritual confusion during a time of material order is evident here. A person who does not feel able to reach his inner self is in focus. A spectator at an event or exhibition is also in focus.

The Star And The Devil

Here a clear idea of material things is evident. Appreciation of nature and the joy of life is given.

The Star And The Moon

A time of testing is now upon us. If all goes well, you will master a new skill. If the expectations are not met, it is time to go back and correct mistakes from the past.

This is an experiment and not a practical test for improvement or adaptation.

The Star And The Sun

Indicates a person with considerable skill who should use an even greater strength. This is a good indication when awarding contracts for services. A perception or action to remain in a professional situation is reinforced here.

The Star And The Judgement

Someone who is well attuned to a specific role or task is in focus. Talent is well applied in service.

The Star And The World

Material comfort combined with a good reputation results in added value

It is about a good and solid citizen.

Tarot Card The Star As Advice

I find the map of the Star especially important, because the Star stands for a positive development. I would like to recommend that you make full use of this phase of development, because now you can achieve a lot that seemed impossible before. Please believe in yourself and look forward to a creative time.

In Love

Living means above all development the Star clearly shows you the way here, so that you receive positive support. I encourage you to accept support with thanks, because a relationship lives from giving and taking. Please do not be too proud and accept help from your partner. You are on a good path.

At Work

Living means above all development the Star clearly shows you the way here, so that you receive positive support. I encourage you to accept support with thanks, because a relationship lives from giving and taking. Please do not be too proud and accept help from your partner. You are on a good path.

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