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The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of XVIII The Moon Tarot Card?The Moon symbolizes the subconscious in tarot. Here it is about everything that is hidden at first sight and can neither be seen nor heard. Quite a few people fear these powers, but at the same time feel attracted by them. In the depth of the soul there is a lot hidden, which might be very interesting on closer inspection.

Short Meaning The Moon

  • Subconscious
  • Reflection
  • Instinct
  • Secret
  • Hiddenness

The tarot card of the Moon stands above all for the unconscious, for those things that are hidden. The Moon illuminates these aspects and thus contributes an essential part to self-discovery. I think this Tarot card has something quite magical about it, which makes everyday life more interesting.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card The Moon

The Tarot Card the Moon stands for everything dark and mysterious, quasi for the inner man. Dark not in the sense of dangerous, but simply hidden. Like the Moon illuminates the night, the Moon in Tarot also stands for bringing light into the depths of the soul. An interesting opportunity to learn more about yourself as a human being and part of the universe. In my opinion, this card is a particularly magical tarot card, because it connects us with our inner powers, which we have always had, only in most cases leaving them largely unused. The Moon is also often found in connection with the hermit, because the latter seeks that loneliness which only the night can bring. The night is the common denominator of both aspects and is highly recommended for reflection and meditation. I think that in the course of such a reflection, among other things, things that are unpleasant and painful come to light, but this process is part of getting to know each other and relieving the soul.

The Moon In Love And Relationship

On the subject of relationship, the tarot card the Moon shows that fears are experienced. Maybe it is about the fear of losing your partner or about not being loved or accepted enough. Often it is about jealousy and a desire, which cannot be satisfied from the outside. Affected people sometimes torture themselves so much that they resort to various substances to be able to bear the pain. I am convinced that a glass of wine can be regarded as a kind of medicine. But if you overdo it, you will not drive away the inner demons, on the contrary. On the contrary, they will only be paralyzed for a short time and will then appear all the more strongly when they are not expected to. Meditation, on the other hand, brings real benefits in the long run, just like silence, nature and reflection.

The Moon In Money And Career

The Moon illuminates professional life intensively and deep-seated fears about the future can be recognized. These fears are not always based on a rational basis, it is simply the fear of losing the basis of existence and thus control over one’s own life. Sometimes these fears are also justified and it can give a good feeling when looking for another job. I think that those who remain flexible in their minds and also in their professional life do not need to think so much and draw from their inner self. There will always be opportunities to acquire money.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card The Moon

If the tarot card the Moon is upside down, this points to delusions or hallucinations. A false self-image can lead to severe psychological stress. The powers of the night show themselves from their dark side and this in the truest sense of the word. In such a situation I recommend to use one’s reason and not to get carried away by bizarre sensations and superstition. In order to sharpen his reason, a look at the whole world event is basically enough.

The Moon In Combination

The Moon And The Fool

The combination indicates a bad judgement or a bad reputation. Diseases can be imagined, growth problems can be detected.

The Moon And The Magician

It’s about someone who pays a lot of attention to detail, repairs something or generally makes things. This person plays an important role.

The Moon And The High Priestess

Indicates witchcraft. The power to heal or curse. Something new can be expected at the next new Moon.

The Moon And The Empress

A pregnancy is imminent. Changes in the body become visible. Development of consciousness takes place through the experience of life itself. Can also be seen as a metaphor.

The Moon And The Emperor

Indicates that profits are being made. People rest on these profits, often for too long. Completion of the details can be seen, after the hard work is done, the finishing touches follow.

The Moon And The Hierophant

If the maps are related, then following a path or vocation after long preparation is very important. It is about a person who starts late with something and still shows staying power when others would have given up long ago. A fertile foundation is used effectively.

The Moon And The Lovers

Refers to the contact with spiritual teachings. Growth in a relationship can be recognized. Negative aspect is that a goal is lost sight of.

The Moon And The Chariot

This constellation represents the discovery of new paths. Setting up rules is important now. So is the creation of a law.

The Moon And Justice

Indicates a hesitation in a time of calm. Doubts dominate in good days. One who cares for the future can be recognized.

The Moon And The Hermit

A positive decision shows the ability to work quickly and unhindered. In negative combination with other cards, a friend can be seen as a bum or lazy.

The Moon And The Wheel Of Fortune

Someone is trying to change the nature of people and things. Either too much is demanded of a person or situation, or excessive pressure is exerted in the hope that it will be only small pressure. Excessively high standards are also set for full success.

The Moon And Strength

Hesitation in a time of calm. Doubt in good days. One who cares for the future.

The Moon And The Hanged Man

Stagnation and laziness are spreading here.

Chronic, minor illnesses can make life difficult.

The need to drink coffee in the morning is still there.

The Moon And Death

A quiet place appears. A need for water is present, either to drink it or to bathe in it. Memories of the dead or of earlier periods in a life, dominate the thoughts.

The Moon And Temperance

Means a time of mental structuring that corresponds to the developing order in the outside world. This is about a person who can achieve a lot in a very short time. Also a somewhat restrained manic phase, in a manic-depressive personality can be recognized.

The Moon And The Devil

Means the pleasure of connecting with the elements of nature, as described in the Garden of Eden, but more from the point of view and feeling of an intelligent animal than a human, so more instinctive.

The Moon And The Star

A time of testing is now upon us. If all goes well, you will master a new skill. If expectations are not met, it is time to go back and correct past mistakes.

This is an experiment and not a practical test for improvement or adaptation.

The Moon And The Sun

Refers to a time of hunger and renunciation. Speed is a good thing in this constellation. There is also the danger of getting sick due to temperature fluctuations: cold, flu, pneumonia. The danger exists for young and old alike.

The Moon And Judgement

Poverty and fatigue are evident here. A time has come when help is needed.

The Moon And The World

A need to unite with others for mutual protection is in the foreground. A good omen for the foundation of a company or club.

National bad times can also be seen here.

Tarot Card The Moon As Advice

I find that no card symbolizes the unconscious, fears and doubts as much as the card “the Moon”. Now I ask you to take a close look today and find out what you are really afraid of. You are braver than you think, please believe me. Look closely and do not be afraid.

In Love

In love you have doubts and worries whether your relationship really enriches your life. The Moon stands for your subconscious, so right now is a very good time to give you some important thoughts about what you expect from love to be happy.

At Work

I am of the opinion that the Moon is always a clear sign that suppressed fears and worries should be addressed calmly once. I would like to advise you to express your opinion in professional matters clearly and determinedly if something is on your mind. Afterwards you will definitely feel better.

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