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The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

The Image

What is the meaning of the Magician Tarot Card?Under a golden sky a man dressed in a crimson robe stands with his right arm raised and a sword, a cup, a pentacle, and a wand laying flat before him. These are the four suits of the Tarot. The magic wand he holds in his hands symbolize his creative power, while the symbols of the Tarot suits represent all of the resource he has at his disposal.


Taking action, envisioning your future, realizing your potential, feeling energized, skillful diplomacy, trade.

The General Meaning of the Magician

With spells and concentration, the mythical Magicians could control their souroundings. They used their will to channel the energy and create objects out of the sheer air. The card Magician reminds us about a simple truth that we all have the power to create things with our mind. Our intentions, desires, imagination and intelligence are all the resources we need to create and control the future. Through vision and actions, we conjure the events that occur everyday in our lives and pave the path towards the realization of our goals. We are the creators of our universe. Our thoughts create things.

The Magician As Taking Action

The Magician is a very active card. From bright colors to the magician’s posture, the card is far from being stagnant. In readings, it talks about moments in our lives when we become more focused, energized and action-oriented. We have a vision in our mind, be it a new project, idea, job, or a relationship, and we act on it with full excitement and determination. If you feel hesitant, the Magician will remind you that you have all of the resources to make things happen.

The Magician As Untapped Potential

The Magician is a very positive card signaling great potential for success. Any plans or projects have a high chance of satisfactory resolution with the Magician’s blessing. The card simply says “you have everything you need to succeed” and that includes all of the intangible resources such as talent, determination, intelligence and will. There is only one “but” — you must be willing to apply these resources towards your goal. Tap into your potential and you’re success is assured.

The Magician As A Clever Communicator

In the older Tarot Decks, the Magician was a trickster and a street performer, and just like the Fool a bit of a gambler. In the modern card decks, this side of the Magician is presented through witty and charismatic personality, persuasive communication, problem solving, planning but also tricks and scheming. Linked to the astrological sign Mercury, the messenger of gods, the Magician is a clever communicator, marketer, diplomat and negotiator.

The Magician and Spiritual Meaning

As I slowly work my way through adding the descriptions of the Major Arcana to this website, I spend a good deal analyzing the cards and my own experience with them.

I just finished adding The Magician and I want to share here some of my additional insights. If there is a card that would summarize the idea presented in the famous book “The Secret”, it’s The Magician. I’m sure you all read about the Law of Attraction and the Power of Positive thinking.

So what is the connection with The Magician?

Magician is a very positive card predicting energy, new opportunities, action, and success. But when we look at the position of the card in the deck, it’s the number 1, the first card after “The Fool”, the inexperienced youth setting off on his life journey. The Fool does not have much in his possession, except for a sack small enough that he can carry it on his back. After setting off on his journey, The Fool becomes The Magician. It’s not enough to just travel, we need a direction. And thus, The Fool, begins his master plan. He begins to paint his vision and by doing so, he paves his future life.

One quote in the book “The Secret” particularly stuck with me: “Thoughts create things”. From a materialistic point of view, The Fool is poor and yet the Magician is such a powerful card! It’s because we do not need much to create — only our vision and our desires. These images in our mind, our inteligence, our talents are the tools, with which we conjure our universe.
In a negative sense, The Magician is a trickster and manipulator.

The Magician As Advice Card

Have you ever heard a saying: “action creates energy”. That’s Magician’s advice. Not sure how to go about your project, plan, idea, simply start! You already know and have everything you need. Make your first step and the Universe will guide you.

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