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The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of VI The Lovers Tarot Card?In general, the Lovers in Tarot symbolize profound love experiences. They also focus on the inevitability of a decision. For me this means the positive connection between the Lovers. Should you uncover this card, trust your feelings and your heart. In a broader sense it is not only about relationships in partnerships. Rather it is about different connections. For this reason, I see considerations as especially important to rethink your life and to examine individual relationships more closely. Decisions of the heart are in my opinion exactly the right way for important changes in your life.

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Short Meaning Of The Tarot Card The Lovers

I have summarized the following features of the tarot card “The Lovers” for you:

  • Decision from the heart
  • Love, Partnership
  • Loyalty, togetherness
  • Partnership, Sexuality
  • Trust
  • Self-Love
  • Bliss

Despite very good prospects for an intact and happy, fulfilled love, it is not about meeting the dream partner.

The Lovers Tarot Card Keywords

Upright card (keywords): Being at a crossroads, Choices, Commitment, Falling in love, Partnerships.

Reversed card (keywords): Broken relationship, Infidelity, Relationship issues, Separation.

The Imagery and Symbolism of The Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers is a great card that indicates you are at a crossroads in your life. You have to make an important choice about who you want to be with and what sort of future you really want for yourself.

This deck has portrayed the lovers as being Adam and Eve, which ties into Christian ideas of sexuality and purity within the relationship represented by the card. The Lovers represents your choice of who you want to spend your life with and symbolizes falling in love or being drawn together by attraction.

The symbolism for this particular tarot card is strong, as it shows two people deeply engaged in conversation about their future plans together. They are standing naked before each other, having just left a garden, which means that they are both aware of each other’s bodies and have committed to this relationship.

The Lovers also represents commitment—you’ve decided on someone special in your life who is going to be with you through thick or thin no matter what comes up between the two of you. You’ll go through good times together as well as bad, so it’s important to choose someone who is willing to commit and stand by your side.

The Lovers Upright Meaning

Love and Relationships

When the Lovers Upright Tarot Card shows up in a love or relationship reading, it can be about developing intimacy and understanding your partner’s needs.

It may also indicate you need to look at how much time is spent together and if there’s enough space for both people to develop themselves as individuals while still maintaining their connection with each other.

The Lovers Upright Tarot Card can also indicate a possible pregnancy or the start of something new in your love life.

Career and Work

The Lovers Upright Tarot Card can indicate a new career opportunity or discovering your true passion. It may also mean you need to trust yourself and be confident in making the right choice for you as well as listening to others who have good advice but ultimately it is your decision alone that will make all the difference.

The Lovers Upright Tarot Card may also indicate that you need to look at the importance of your relationships in the workplace and how they impact your success.

The Lovers Upright Tarot Card can also show that there are issues within a relationship or project that must be addressed; otherwise, these problems will keep coming back until they’re resolved.

Money and Finances

The Lovers Upright Tarot Card can indicate that you need to trust yourself more when it comes to your financial choices. It may also mean that you are making the right choice for yourself, but others around you don’t understand why.

You need to be patient with people and allow them their own time while still taking responsibility for your own actions and not allowing others to blame you for their mistakes.

The Lovers Upright Tarot Card can also indicate that your love life is impacting your bank account or vice versa, so it’s important to set boundaries in both areas of our lives.

When the Lovers Upright Tarot Card shows up in a money reading, it can be a sign that you need to look at what is most important and if your spending habits are healthy or not.

When negotiating with employers, the Lovers Upright Tarot Card may indicate an inheritance, lottery winnings, new business opportunities, or simply asking for more money.

Health and Well-Being

The Lovers Upright Tarot Card can show that you are in tune with your body and emotions, making it easier to make the right choices for yourself. It may also indicate a healthier lifestyle or an improvement of health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

When The Lovers Upright Tarot Card appears in a reading about health and well-being, it can indicate that you need to look at your current diet and exercise patterns. It may also mean taking better care of yourself in general, such as getting enough sleep or self-care for mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

The Lovers Upright Tarot Card may suggest consulting a doctor about any diseases showing up in your body that could be harmful if not treated.

It may also mean you need to look at the importance of taking care of yourself first before helping others, as you can’t give what you don’t have.

People and Personalities

The Lovers card represents balance and choices between people. This can be an internal choice or a love interest where you have to make the right decision for yourself. It is also about how two different personalities come together in harmony or conflict depending on other cards that are around it. The result of this situation will depend on your own inner emotions. If you are indecisive about something, this card is a sign to make up your mind.

Relationship Outcome

The Lovers card represents success in love and relationships. It does not matter if it is a new relationship, an old one, or perhaps with yourself when this card comes up as your daily tarot card. You will be building on what you already have to make the next step towards getting closer together with them – whether that means greater intimacy, conversations

The Lovers card is a sign that you will be able to balance each other out – both physically and emotionally. If it appears in your relationship reading, this means they are the right person for you because they make up for what’s lacking in yourself and vice versa.

Feelings and Emotions

The Lovers card tells us about your sentiments and emotions. They are overpowering you now, whether it’s with delight or sorrow. It can be tough to decide how you feel at times when they are combined. If the Lovers card appears in your relationship reading, it implies that there will be passion between both of you right now.

The Lovers card is a sign that you have been suppressing your feelings for too long, and they are about to come up in some way. If it appears as your daily tarot card, then this means you need to get emotional support from someone else if possible. It can also mean the opposite depending on what other cards surround it, so look to the other cards in your reading to determine which way it falls.

Spiritual Readings

The Lovers card is a sign of birth and life.

There will be new opportunities appearing for you, whether it’s an opportunity to meet someone or something else entirely, such as a job offer.

It may also indicate that this could happen in the long term if there are other cards around it to support this reading – perhaps indicating marriage down the line or a new relationship that will last.

As a Situation

The Lovers card is a sign that people are having to make decisions about balancing their time between work, family and friends.

This can be within your own mind as well if this appears in your daily tarot reading. You may have been suppressing some emotions for too long now so they need to come up somehow – perhaps by talking or writing about them.

The Lovers card is a sign that there are feelings present between you and someone else right now, whether romantic or friendly depending on the other cards in your reading. It also implies that this situation will be long-term if no negative cards appear around it to oppose this outcome – perhaps indicating marriage down the line or just a long-term relationship.

As a Place

The Lovers card tells you that a new opportunity is arising for you to meet someone.

This could be in the form of a person or place depending on your question and how it falls within all of the cards surrounding this outcome, which will determine if it’s an external situation such as meeting someone at work or internally with yourself. If there is a negative card around it, then this is not the right time to move on as there will be a negative outcome associated with it.

As an Obstacle or Challenge

The Lovers card is a sign that you are about to face some challenges in your life.

This could be caused by an issue with someone else or something outside of yourself and this will need to be overcome so you can continue on the path towards whatever it is you wish for most right now.

If there are positive cards around this outcome, then this is a good time to face these challenges as you will come out stronger for it.

If there are negative cards around the Lovers, then the challenge has just become too much and you need to take some time away from whatever or whoever is causing all of these problems.

As Action

The Lovers tarot card is the card of action.

You are drawn to something or someone that makes you feel alive, vibrant, and passionate!

After your initial attraction, it’s up to you whether this relationship will last for a long time or not. The Lovers represent love at first sight but also lust with no real understanding of the other person.

This card tells you to make a decision because it’s fresh and new, but also unpredictable!

Conflict and Decisions

When the Lovers card is upright, it means that you need to make a decision. It can be about an inner conflict or something in your life where there are two paths before you and only one will bring peace of mind. The other path may cause stress, frustration, and anxiety!

As Advice

The most common advice that the card of today’s tarot gives is to follow your heart. Do what feels right and don’t overthink it!

The Lovers Reversed Meaning

Love and Relationships

In a relationship, you may be worried about your lover cheating on you or leaving. You might feel that they are not as into the relationship as much as you are and this may have been going on for some time now. If this is true, then it would be best to take a step back from yourself and your partner before things go any further downhill.

The Lovers reversed can also mean that someone has recently left you and it may be indirectly causing you pain and suffering because of this reason. They might not even realize they are hurting their partner by leaving them, but the fact is there is a lot of heartbreak happening on both ends. You should let go of your ex and allow yourself to heal and move on with your life.

If you are not in a relationship but want one, then this is the time where you should be looking for love because The Lovers reversed can mean that it will be easy to find someone who wants to go out with you. However, if they do end up leaving or cheating on you, then it will be a hard time for you when they do because The Lovers reversed can also mean that you will be very hurt.

Career and Work

In the workplace, The Lovers reversed can mean that if you have been trying to get a raise or promotion at your job but have not been getting it because of some type of hindrance.

It may be time for you to ask around and see who has gotten one recently so you can figure out why this is happening and how to prevent it in the future.

If you have been trying to get a new job, but it has not been going so well and nothing seems to be working in your favor, then this is an indication that The Lovers reversed can mean that there may be something stopping you from getting what you want.

You need to figure out why this is happening because otherwise it will be a never-ending battle with you always being stuck.

The Lovers reversed can also mean that if you are trying to start your own business, but it is not working out like you thought it would, especially because nobody wants what you have to offer or want to work for them.

You may need to go back and reassess the situation and see if you can come up with a new plan. If not, then it may be time to find something else to do until you feel like this is the right move for your life and career goals.

Money and Finances

If you are looking to get into financial investments, but The Lovers reversed can mean that there is something stopping you from doing so.

You will need to figure out what this might be and how it can affect your chances of success. If it is because of money or costs, then maybe try finding another investment opportunity that does not cost as much.

If you have been trying to get a loan or some type of credit, but The Lovers reversed can mean that there is something stopping this from happening. You need to figure out what it is because if not, then you will never get the money and things will be harder for you in the future when your current financial situation might make it difficult to acquire more.

The Lovers reversed can also mean that if you are looking to get a refund on something and have been trying for some time now, but it is not coming even though it should.

Health and Well-Being

If you have been sick lately and it is preventing you from going to work or anywhere else, then The Lovers reversed can mean that there may be some type of stressor in your life causing this.

You need to figure out what the cause might be, so it does not happen again when everything seems fine now. If not, then things can get worse and you can have a harder time recovering from this, especially if it is some type of illness.

The Lovers reversed can also mean that if you are trying to lose or gain weight, but there seems to be something stopping anything from happening even though your routine has not changed. You need to figure out why this is happening because otherwise it will be a never-ending battle and you can get very frustrated.

The Lovers reversed in health and well-being can also mean that if you are dealing with some type of addiction, but The Lovers reversed means that it is becoming too much for you to handle, especially because nothing seems to be working out in your favor when it comes to getting better or moving forward in life.

People and Personalities

If you are trying to make new friends or find someone significant, but The Lovers reversed can mean that there is something stopping this from happening.

You need to figure out what it might be because otherwise, you will just continue feeling like nothing ever happens in your favor when it comes to meeting people and having relationships.

It may also mean that if you are trying to get into a relationship, but The Lovers reversed can mean that there is something stopping this from happening.

You need to figure out what it might be because otherwise, you will always feel like the person who should be next in your life never seems to fall into place even though they seem perfect for you.

As a Situation

The Lovers reversed can mean that if you are in a business partnership, but something is stopping this relationship from being successful.

You need to figure out what the cause might be so it does not affect your work or other relationships because otherwise, everything will feel like it has become harder for you over time. If things get worse and you cannot fix the relationship, then it may lead to a breakup which can be very difficult for everyone involved.

The Lovers reversed as a situation can also mean that if there is someone in your life who has been trying to get into some type of relationship with you or even marry you, but The Lovers reversed means that this person seems to be too much for you.

As Relationship Outcome

If you are in a relationship, The Lovers reversed means that it looks like the end is near, especially if nothing has really worked out for your favor.

The best thing to do now would be to figure out what went wrong and how you can fix things because otherwise, this person may not want anything else to do with you or care about you anymore.

If you are not in a relationship, The Lovers reversed can mean that it seems like the person who should be next in your life has stopped trying because of something you did or said.

As Feelings and Emotions

The Lovers reversed can mean that if you are feeling or acting in a way that is not like yourself, but it looks like this has been happening for some time now.

You need to figure out why and how to fix things because otherwise, your emotions will feel very conflicted and confusing, especially when the person who should be next in your life seems perfect for you; however, there is something stopping them from getting close to you.

If The Lovers reversed appears as feelings and emotions, then it could also mean that if someone else is having these types of experiences with their significant other or even themselves. You may want to give advice on what they can do differently to have more success in love because right now, nothing seems to be working out in their favor.

Spiritual Readings

The Lovers reversed can mean that if you are doing spiritual work or trying to get closer to the higher self, but there is something stopping this from happening.

You need to figure out what it might be because otherwise, your path will feel like it has become harder for you over time instead of easier, especially when things seem perfect in every other way.

If The Lovers reversed appears in spiritual reading, then try not to let these experiences stop you from continuing on your path towards enlightenment. It may also mean that someone else is having challenges with their life which means they did not complete the journey correctly even though right now everything seems fine. Try giving advice so that person does not continue making the same mistakes again and again.

As a Place

If The Lovers reversed appears as a place, then try not to let these experiences stop you from finding love or going after whatever makes you happy even though nothing really works out for your favor right now.

As an Obstacle or Challenge

If The Lovers reversed appears as an obstacle or challenge, then you should try to be more open with other people even if it is awkward.

Try to communicate rather than give up. Maybe the reason why nothing is working out for you or that no one understands you is because of your own actions and how open you are with others, so try talking it over before making any difficult decisions.

As Action

If The Lovers reversed appears as action, then try to be more aware of what you are doing even if it seems like nothing is wrong.

You may need to make some changes in your life because right now, things cannot go on the same way they have been going for much longer without something bad happening that could really affect you in a negative manner.


If The Lovers reversed appears as a conflict, then you should try to communicate more with your significant other. Try being open and honest with them rather than trying to ignore or cover up what is going on in the relationship.

As Advice

If The Lovers reversed appears as advice, then perhaps you need to take a break from your relationship and focus on yourself before things get even more complicated than they already are.

This is the time when introspection can really help you see what has been going wrong for years and how it will affect your future if certain changes do not happen now. You should try to work out your problems with the person who matters most in this situation rather than being stubborn or distant because those kinds of actions could lead to some very bad times ahead.

The Lovers Meaning in Your Past, Present and Future

Upright Meaning in the Past

When the Lovers tarot card appears in a reading upright, it represents good things for your past. You may have had a wonderful relationship or friendship with someone that you loved very much. It was full of happiness and joy as well as love.

Your past is all about learning from this experience by seeing what worked out positively and what happened negatively so you can improve on those areas moving forward into the future. The positive aspects will stay with you even if some parts fade away over time because they made such an impact upon you, which has become embedded within who you are today.

The most important thing to realize when looking at your past using the Tarot cards is how far we’ve come since then. We learn from our mistakes, and the past is something that helps us to bring out our best selves. So let your past guide you into a bright future!

Treat yourself with some lovely new lingerie this month, ladies 😉

Upright Meaning in the Present

Nowadays, when one looks at The Lovers Tarot Card meaning upright, it will most likely represent love or relationships for those presently single by reflecting on their great history of falling in love which has led them to where they are today. That wonderful relationship may not have worked out, but now you’re free again, so the sky’s the limit as far as what can happen next if that was something you wanted to pursue further – perhaps there are even more exciting possibilities waiting around the corner.

If you are presently in a relationship, the Lovers Tarot Card meaning upright may be telling you to focus on your love life and make sure that it’s going strong. You can do this by putting effort into things like date nights or pampering sessions with your partner – anything which can strengthen those feelings of togetherness is a good way forward for both of you!

Be happy and positive because when we truly believe happiness will happen no matter what happens next, then more often than not it will come true for us!

Upright Meaning in the Future

When The Lovers tarot card shows up during a reading as something representing hope for the future, this means there is an opportunity coming up soon where some type of love or relationship is involved.

Things will start off in a good way with this opportunity, but you may need to make sure that you are strong and confident within yourself by staying true to your own beliefs and values so that nothing can stop or ruin it before it even gets started!

Reversed Meaning in the Past

The reversed meaning of the Lovers tarot card symbolizes bad relationships for your past, which most likely still affect how you see love today if not also affecting other areas too such as friendships.

You may have gone through several failed relationships or had someone very special who was taken away from you, leaving an emptiness inside which has yet to be fulfilled again since then.

That feeling of loss could influence why things haven’t worked out for you in the present or even so far into your future too.

Reversed Meaning in the Present

When the Lovers Tarot card is reversed, it signifies that there’s a danger of harm ahead if you’re currently single, and the temptation might lead to someone allowing their sentiments to get involved when perhaps they shouldn’t have done so, which could result in heartbreak just as it did before if not also injuring other parts of your life such as friendships with individuals who were previously close to both sides.

You need to be stronger than ever now and try focusing more on yourself rather than always worrying about what everyone else thinks!

When You See Love Coming Your Way…

Be careful because although love is on its way towards you, this doesn’t mean it will be a smooth and easy ride where everything works out exactly how you had hoped.

There is going to be some pain involved with bringing up memories of the past or having uncomfortable conversations which need to take place – so try not to get too excited for what could happen because even if love does arrive in your life, there’s still no guarantee that things will always remain rosy!

Reversed Meaning in the Future

The Lovers tarot card, reversed, shows up during another reading and signifies hope for the future. This means that whatever type of relationship was coming into your life previously has now ended, leaving emptiness behind again like before when you may have thought all those feelings of hurt and pain would eventually go away by meeting someone new.

You may need to take a step back from love completely for now until you’re 100% ready to get involved again, but try not to be too harsh on yourself if it takes a while because everyone deserves their own time out every once in a while!

The Lovers Tarot Card Combinations with Other Cards

The Two of Cups

This indicates that there is an opportunity coming up soon where friendship could lead into something more romantic – see what happens and follow your instincts!

The Three of Wands

Things between two people will become deeper, stronger, and more intense than ever before when this card shows up next to the Lovers tarot card combination, which means greater possibilities await just around the corner!

The Fool

Indicates a playful relationship. There could be a danger of confusing the relationship with a marriage. Stupid and impractical ideas can be seen here.

The Magician

This combination points to a situation where only two people are concerned, but a third person is mixing. This could lead to serious problems, but if the situation is handled with understanding, the situation can still turn to the good.

The High Priestess

It is about dreams of love. A lady who helps the Lovers to meet is the focus here. Frustrations, because things seem to go around in circles, are the order of the day.

The Empress

Here a marriage broker shows up. Interference in private matters is not always desired, but it does take place. A parent is too vigilant towards his or her child, here it is important to let go of something.

The Emperor

The focus is on an administrator. Perhaps also a host or hostess of a party. It is also about a person who likes to plan the life or activities of others.

The Hierophant

Here a marriage or a similar partnership becomes apparent. In any case a formal union. The moment of realization that something has been going on for a long time has now arrived.

The Chariot

Points to the limits of love or to testing mystical experience. If all is well, the love or experience leads to a noticeably better life. If not, it inevitably leads to fear and withdrawal from society.


This is where a strong relationship or bond becomes apparent. People with different talents help to fulfill a task. In work or relationship are also important aspects that need to be worked on.

The Hermit

Spiritual matters are to be regulated, strong energies prevail. Magical work is possible in this way. In physical matters, danger threatens forces that disturb the balance.

The Wheel Of Fortune

This combination represents a blessing in times of need. It is also a prediction of the challenges in a relationship. A need for support in difficult times is also strongly represented.


When these cards are connected, the desire to stay in a relationship dominates. All in all, it is about people who want to work on staying in a relationship or on creating one.

The Hanged Man

Refers to certain sacrifices in love. Also a martyr complex can be seen. The body also threatens to fall ill if the suffering is simply accepted for love.


Indicates a close relationship between people who seem or are very different. The death of a loved one brings great sorrow. It is also about courage to protect a loved one and to be there for him or her.


This is a situation of falling in love or falling out of love. Making a decision is imminent. Further it applies to sharpen the judgment and to use accordingly.

The Devil

It is a serious and demanding challenge with enough strength to meet it. An adrenaline rush can be of great help. Sensual moments are also experienced.

The Tower

This combination means physical perfect love. Pain sensation can be transformed into pleasure; in a negative sense this represents a sadistic love. The moment of conception in the womb or in the mind can also be seen.

The Star

If these cards are in combination, voices are heard. Finally something is understood after a long time. A relationship shows its soft side.

The Moon

Refers to the contact with spiritual teachings. Growth in a relationship can be recognized. Negative aspect is that a goal is lost sight of.

The Sun

Points to long life together, you change together with a person. It would be negative if one person changes and his lover does not.


This is about a love beyond death and respect for a person or the past. A great teacher or a great example serves as an illustration. Preserving a memory of someone is important. Several negative possibilities: necrophilia, macabre dementia, vampire hunting and suicide pacts.

The World

Refers to everything that concerns the world and the Lovers. Social isolation and rejection are in the foreground.

The Lovers Tarot Card: Is It “Yes” or “No”?

So what does this card mean?

It can be an incredibly complex tarot card that offers us lots of advice and insight into all aspects of our lives.

When upright, the Lovers Tarot Card says “yes!” to these things: love (romantic or otherwise), family relationships, new ventures both financially and socially, friendships. When

reversed, the Lovers Tarot Card says “no!” to these things: loss of love or friendship, lack of commitment in relationships (romantic or otherwise), feeling trapped by your responsibilities.

It is important when you are reading to take into consideration where this card appears in a spread and/or what other cards surround it.

If there are lots of negative cards surrounding it, then it could represent that something may go wrong with this new relationship or venture; sometimes though if surrounded by positive energy, especially the Sun for example than this really does mean “yes!” but make sure not to get carried away – tarot isn’t always easy to read for beginners so don’t be disheartened if you can’t seem to figure out some cards.

Astrology and The Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers Tarot Card is also associated with the zodiac sign of Gemini who are typically incredibly social, chatty people so this could be a card that indicates an upcoming new relationship or venture for someone where they may have to communicate with others on a more regular basis than they are used to.

The key here, though, is whether the challenge presented by all these changes being proposed will actually result in growth and development instead of just chaos. If it’s not, then you might find yourself looking at some broken relationships pretty soon!

When reversed, look out for problems arising from lack of communication between your partner(s) causing misunderstandings that ultimately break down trust – there’s nothing worse than feeling alienated within your own home or working environment!

The Lovers Tarot Card is also associated with the planet Mercury who governs travel, communication and trade so when this card appears in your tarot reading you could be presented with opportunities to explore new areas of self-development or education.

It may not always indicate that you will get what you want though – it’s more likely about exploring your options but ultimately making a decision on which way to go yourself instead of having someone else make the decision for you (e.g. an employer).

If there are other cards surrounding it, like perhaps The Devil then I’d say lookout for any unhealthy attachments where others might try to control every aspect of your life or refuse to let go even if they have been mistreated by you/others.

Ultimately, the Lovers Tarot Card is about having your own back and not letting others make decisions for you.

The Lovers Tarot Card as a Person

Many times, you will see the Lovers tarot card being associated with someone who is very social, friendly and likes to have a good time. They are often early adopters of new ideas/technologies, especially anything that can help them connect more deeply or easily with others – this could be through dating apps, learning languages so they can communicate better, etc.

It’s also about having an open mind to try on different personalities if necessary (e.g., work persona vs. party persona), as well as understanding what your own identity entails before expecting others to understand it too (especially for those working in customer service).

The Lovers Tarot Card in a Daily reading

If this card is your daily draw, then it’s a call to connect with others in either friendships, relationships or business, even if you feel like you are already doing so quite enough.

The Lovers Tarot Card can indicate that changes may be coming up soon, which could ultimately result in the strengthening of some bonds but also possibly break down other ones too—I’d say lookout for any cards around it that might give more clues about what these potential opportunities or challenges might be!

When reversed, beware of someone who’s not entirely honest with their intentions towards you and use The Star as further clarification that there will be long-term benefits from all experiences, including those deemed negative at first glance (e.g., heartbreak).

Frequently Asked Questions About Lovers Tarot Card

Is the Lovers a Yes or a No Card?

If you are asking about a decision you have to make, then I’d say it’s always a ‘Yes’ card if accompanied by positive cards and vice versa.

In general, the Lovers can indicate that something old is being reintegrated into your life with someone new, so there will be some emotional attachments from both sides which should work out just fine in the long-term but for now, could feel quite challenging at times on an inner/emotional level.

What Zodiac Sign Is the Lovers?

The Lovers is associated with the astrological signs Gemini but also Sagittarius (depending on whether you are talking about a person or an event).

Gemini: When it comes to relationships, this card may highlight two people who have radically different ideas of how their relationship should look like, which ultimately works out fine in the end because they either compromise for each other or realize that one has to let go eventually. For example, if someone wants children and another doesn’t, then there might be some tension around having/not having kids even though both parties love each other very much.

Sagittarius: This can indicate that your ambitions might not align with those close to you, so you’ll have to make some tough decisions about whether your ambitions should come before those closest to you or vice versa.

Summary about Lovers Tarot Card

When thinking about what this card might represent within love, friendship, money, or finances during reading, then read on to discover more…

But remember: if upright – stay true to yourself and wait for the right opportunities without rushing in too quickly, but take hold of them with confidence when they arrive instead of expecting everything from someone who may not even be right for you.

Get yourself ready and prepare your defenses but don’t lose hope of love coming into your life eventually!

I hope this article has been insightful to help you understand what The Lovers Tarot Card might mean when it appears in a reading or as advice.

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