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The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of VI The Lovers Tarot Card?In general, the Lovers in Tarot symbolize profound love experiences. They also focus on the inevitability of a decision. For me this means the positive connection between the Lovers. Should you uncover this card, trust your feelings and your heart. In a broader sense it is not only about relationships in partnerships. Rather it is about different connections. For this reason, I see considerations as especially important to rethink your life and to examine individual relationships more closely. Decisions of the heart are in my opinion exactly the right way for important changes in your life.

Short Meaning Of The Tarot Card The Lovers

I have summarized the following features of the tarot card “The Lovers” for you:

  • Decision from the heart
  • Love, Partnership
  • Loyalty, togetherness
  • Partnership, Sexuality
  • Trust
  • Self-Love
  • Bliss

Despite very good prospects for an intact and happy, fulfilled love, it is not about meeting the dream partner

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card The Lovers

I understand the tarot card more as an invitation to love oneself or to learn to love. In the first step, fulfillment should be found in one’s own personality and life. This leads anyway at a later time to a happy and fulfilled togetherness where both partners can love each other passionately and rely on their love. Trust and love then play the most important role and allow your great happiness.

Your life will be worth living as never before, because you have everything a person needs to be completely happy.

The Lovers Meaning In Love And Relationship

According to the previous information, it is easy to understand that the Lovers ‘ tarot card is almost a dream for relationships and Lovers. I see the card as a starting signal for any further happiness that awaits you. The circumstances how and when you met your partner are irrelevant. Even if you have met in secret, your love is not a forbidden love according to the tarot card. For me this means: You are a couple in love, who should and can enjoy their love. With all the strengths and weaknesses that we humans have, your love should continue to ignite naturally.

The Lovers Meaning In Money And Career

If the Lovers ‘ card refers to your professional situation, you will be faced with a decision. You will make this decision spontaneously and with all your heart. Until then, it remains open whether this is a better position or another activity. Another possibility is that another person makes the decision in your knowledge. For me, this means a positive path throughout, which now awaits you. You can go this way with confidence and look forward to your future.

My tip: Use your inspiration to experience your complete fulfillment at work. In this way, your success will certainly not be long in coming.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card The Lovers

Up to now there were only positive things to report about the Tarot Card of Lovers. But I recommend you to be careful when it is the reverse tarot card. Where only the ideal qualities of a love relationship are waiting for you, things are different here.

The reversed card reveals problems rather than flights of fancy in love. Infidelity and misjudgments lead to unhappy feelings. Immaturity is just as much a bad quality that cannot let love unfold happily.

My tip: Always remain true to yourself and use this message as a warning signal to steer your life in the right direction.

The Lovers In Combination

The Lovers And The Fool

Indicates a playful relationship. There could be a danger of confusing the relationship with a marriage. Stupid and impractical ideas can be seen here.

The Lovers And The Magician

This combination points to a situation where only two people are concerned, but a third person is mixing. This could lead to serious problems, but if the situation is handled with understanding, the situation can still turn to the good.

The Lovers And The High Priestess

It is about dreams of love. A lady who helps the Lovers to meet is the focus here. Frustrations, because things seem to go around in circles, are the order of the day.

The Lovers And The Empress

Here a marriage broker shows up. Interference in private matters is not always desired, but it does take place. A parent is too vigilant towards his or her child, here it is important to let go of something.

The Lovers And The Emperor

The focus is on an administrator. Perhaps also a host or hostess of a party. It is also about a person who likes to plan the life or activities of others.

The Lovers And The Hierophant

Here a marriage or a similar partnership becomes apparent. In any case a formal union. The moment of realization that something has been going on for a long time has now arrived.

The Lovers And The Chariot

Points to the limits of love or to testing mystical experience. If all is well, the love or experience leads to a noticeably better life. If not, it inevitably leads to fear and withdrawal from society.

The Lovers And Strength

This is where a strong relationship or bond becomes apparent. People with different talents help to fulfill a task. In work or relationship are also important aspects that need to be worked on.

The Lovers And The Hermit

Spiritual matters are to be regulated, strong energies prevail. Magical work is possible in this way. In physical matters, danger threatens forces that disturb the balance.

The Lovers And The Wheel Of Fortune

This combination represents a blessing in times of need. It is also a prediction of the challenges in a relationship. A need for support in difficult times is also strongly represented.

The Lovers And Justice

When these cards are connected, the desire to stay in a relationship dominates. All in all, it is about people who want to work on staying in a relationship or on creating one.

The Lovers And The Hanged Man

Refers to certain sacrifices in love. Also a martyr complex can be seen. The body also threatens to fall ill if the suffering is simply accepted for love.

The Lovers And Death

Indicates a close relationship between people who seem or are very different. The death of a loved one brings great sorrow. It is also about courage to protect a loved one and to be there for him or her.

The Lovers And Temperance

This is a situation of falling in love or falling out of love. Making a decision is imminent. Further it applies to sharpen the judgment and to use accordingly.

The Lovers And The Devil

It is a serious and demanding challenge with enough strength to meet it. An adrenaline rush can be of great help. Sensual moments are also experienced.

The Lovers And The Tower

This combination means physical perfect love. Pain sensation can be transformed into pleasure; in a negative sense this represents a sadistic love. The moment of conception in the womb or in the mind can also be seen.

The Lovers And The Star

If these cards are in combination, voices are heard. Finally something is understood after a long time. A relationship shows its soft side.

The Lovers And The Moon

Refers to the contact with spiritual teachings. Growth in a relationship can be recognized. Negative aspect is that a goal is lost sight of.

The Lovers And The Sun

Points to long life together, you change together with a person. It would be negative if one person changes and his lover does not.

The Lovers And Judgment

This is about a love beyond death and respect for a person or the past. A great teacher or a great example serves as an illustration. Preserving a memory of someone is important. Several negative possibilities: necrophilia, macabre dementia, vampire hunting and suicide pacts.

The Lovers And The World

Refers to everything that concerns the world and the Lovers. Social isolation and rejection are in the foreground.

 Tarot Card The Lovers As Advice

The card of the Lovers stands for a decision to be made. This can be matters of the heart, but also professional matters or a hobby. I would like to advise you to make a decision today that is due for a longer time. Please stand by this decision.

In Love

Many people ask themselves what they expect from love or from a relationship. Today you can decide what exactly you expect from love and consider whether you fulfill these criteria yourself. I ask you to be honest with yourself.

At Work

The Lovers are often romanticized. The card indicates a decision, which can also refer to the professional environment. Some people do not like to make a decision because it seems to exclude another possibility. I therefore advise you to be aware today how important decisions are also in a professional context.

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