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The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of V The Hierophant Tarot Card?Admittedly, the card “The Hierophant” has a strange name and we can hardly imagine anything under it at first. The word “Hierophant” comes from the Greek and means directly translated: “Revealer of the holy secrets”.

In general, this card symbolizes something spiritual, that one should have faith in God and hope for the goodness of others.

Short Meaning Of The Tarot Card The Hierophant

In summary, the basic statements of the tarot card can be listed as follows:

  • Acting from deepest inner conviction
  • Combination of analytical thinking and your intuition
  • Beliefs, hierarchies, norms
  • Bringing together dualities

My tip: Test with your heart and mind what you can really trust.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card The Hierophant

This is about uniting polarities and finding the right balance in a life situation. The motif of the Hierophant in Tarot can represent a high priest, a physician or a pope. He forms the bond between the spiritual and the worldly power. He himself sits on the throne in a gesture of blessing between two pillars.

It symbolizes the powers of faith and values. He blesses the monks kneeling before him. The tarot card thus embodies the spiritual authorities and our inner conscience. But it is also the symbol for authorities, organizations and institutions.

The Hierophant In Love And Relationship

With direct interpretation, without critical questioning, the tarot card “The Hierophant” announces a ceremony in matters of love. A wedding is often expected here. But if you see your partner in your card, this should give you food for thought. Often in this case man and woman are not on the same eye level. The message is here: Think about your position in the relationship. You are your own master and only your honesty to yourself will bring you to your goal in the end. Close your eyes and feel your energy, which gives you the motivation to go through life with confidence. Your aura will change into the positive and your partner will see you with new eyes.

The Hierophant In Money and Career

You are currently in a phase of searching for meaning? Very good, because the Hierophant gives you the necessary impetus for your self-conviction. Often we are happy to have a good teacher to accompany us on the path of self-discovery. Your message from the daily menu should be a support for you, just like a teacher, and show you the way. The most important thing is that you are at peace with yourself and that you follow your path out of deepest inner conviction. You can be your own teacher and thus increase your career chances. Your success will certainly come when you have recognized for yourself how much strength and positive energy you have.

The Meaning Of The Reverse Tarot Card The Hierophant

The Hierophant gives you the power for existing life circumstances. At the same time he provides for worthwhile investments. Although the card is predominantly positive, caution is advised with regard to the individual human being. Not every person carries only good in himself. The meaning of the reversed tarot card reflects an upside down view of society. Whoever consciously turns against traditions can ignite an inner chaos. The Hierophant shows you that we feel comfortable with our habits in our familiar surroundings. Nevertheless, it is advisable to remain vigilant and not to blindly trust everyone. Only when your mind and your intuition are in agreement, there is no reason to be skeptical.


The Hierophant In Combination

The Hierophant and the Fool

Indicates a child and teacher relationship. The child may be stronger than the teacher, but the teacher is more stable than the child. Can bring joy to the old and sadness to the young.

The Hierophant And The Magician

A situation arises that indicates jealousy and greed. In addition, it is a matter of cooperation so that a common goal can be achieved.

The Hierophant And The High Priestess

This combination stands for a kind of educational instruction. Advice on personal matters is given by an older person. Furthermore it is about desires, which must not be lived out openly. A new way of thinking is now required.

The Hierophant And The Empress

Refers to someone who is looking for people to influence them with words and ideas. A speaker is that someone who is also a leader.

The Hierophant And The Emperor

Means maternal protection and a feeling of security. Instructions from a friendly person should be accepted. The instruction will have a positive effect on life.

The Hierophant And The Lovers

Here a marriage or a similar partnership becomes apparent. In any case a formal union. The moment of realization that something has been going on for a long time has now arrived.

The Hierophant And The Chariot

It is about a guide for useful knowledge. Introduction to the art of self-defense is recommended here. The same applies to learning social rules.

The Hierophant And Strength

This combination points to a strong material position. The virtues of perseverance and strength are often seen here. A leader with advisors is in the focus.

The Hierophant And The Hermit

When these cards are connected, physical strength and a strong mind can be seen. Regardless of these characteristics, the person concerned is nevertheless often hesitant or indecisive. The mind prevents the body from being active. One who understands and can teach about emotional tensions is close by.

The Hierophant And The Wheel Of Fortune

Indicates great creative energy. One, who builds material things very well and fast, makes himself noticeable. All in all it is about productivity and effectiveness.

The Hierophant And Justice

Refers to a person who strives for harmony. Physical well-being already exists. A need to feel real progress is also present.

The Hierophant And The Hanged Man

This is where fertility shows itself. This is a good indication to plant the garden or to plan an appropriate project. Can indicate the fertile part of the month for a woman.

The Hierophant And Death

When this combination comes about, it is a crisis in life. This crisis leaves traces that can be seen even later. It is also about a book or other stories about emergency situations.

The Hierophant And Temperance

Refers to ritual acts and prayers with material and physical needs. A secular priest or counselor is important in this situation.

The Hierophant And The Devil

Learning through experience is the theme here. Physical training and learning skills pays off. Marksmanship. This is also true in the long run.

The Hierophant And The Tower

If this card constellation shows up, then it is about physical shock. This could be a harmless accident. This results in a sudden change in the direction of the thoughts. The dream is over and reality is now recognized.

The Hierophant And The Star

A discipline in self-improvement is important here. Among other things, it is about goal-oriented people with strong faith in themselves and the cause itself.

The Hierophant And The Moon

If the maps are related, then following a path or vocation after long preparation is very important. It is about a person who starts late with something and still shows staying power when others would have given up long ago. A fertile foundation is used effectively.

The Hierophant And The Sun

Indicates good weather and the right mood for life. The love for the wild country is particularly evident here. A feeling of drawing strength from nature enriches this person.

The Hierophant And Judgment

An egoistic person does his mischief. Too much heat for a garden. Too much morality, which is no longer good, but rather restricts. There is more than black or white.

The Hierophant And The World

This constellation shows a contract or other formal agreement, especially the signing of a corresponding document. A construction or symbol that has religious, mystical or patriotic meaning is in the foreground.

Tarot Card The Hierophant As Advice

For me, the Hierophant symbolizes trust and confidence. I would like to advise you to place a basic trust in life itself today. This includes a good portion of confidence, which will strengthen you for everyday life. Please have confidence in the universe.

In Love

Trust is an important cornerstone when it comes to a good relationship. I therefore recommend you to trust in love and to keep a free mind for togetherness. The same applies to confidence. If you are single, it is important to be confident that everything is the way it should be.

At Work

The Hierophant shows you that today it makes sense in professional terms to have confidence in your own abilities. I advise you to rely on your skills and experience so that you can always act flexibly in professional matters, no matter what happens. Please also be confident about new and interesting areas of responsibility.

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