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The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of V The Hierophant Tarot Card?

The Hierophant tarot card is the fifth trump or Major Arcana in the deck. It has a lot of meanings and combinations with other cards, so it is very important for anyone who wants to know about its meaning. This card is often associated with the Church, religious leaders and teachers. It’s about tradition, rules and learning by heart.

This article will help you understand all these meanings and combinations.

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The Hierophant Tarot Card Keywords

Upright card (keywords): Education, Learning, Marriage, Religion, Seeking counsel or advice, Spiritual guidance, Tradition.

Reversed card (keywords): Abuse of position, Breakdown, Poor counsel, Rejection of family values.

The Imagery and Symbolism of The Hierophant Tarot Card

The Hierophant is a tarot card of the Major Arcana. The number five represents choice and decision-making, which makes this card apply to you in several ways at once! It can denote a time when nothing seems to be going your way, but if you look closely enough, there are actually many options available for your consideration.

You have been presented with various possibilities from different sources – some good and some bad – so it’s important not to rush into anything. Take all the information given by others under advisement while considering other factors as well, such as timing or finances, before making any final decisions on what direction would be best suited for yourself.

This symbolism is further enhanced through its association with both Jupiter (the planet) and Juno (the goddess). When the Hierophant card is drawn, it represents a time when you will experience growth and expansion in many different areas of your life.

You may feel like you’re being pulled in several directions at once – both emotionally and physically – but this energy should be used constructively to get where it is that you want to go!

The imagery on The Hierophant Tarot Card depicts an organized religious leader such as a pope or bishop blessing two young children.

This suggests that we are following our own path toward enlightenment with divine guidance from above. As we all know, there can only be one Pope, so, therefore, this person must represent YOU! They wear purple garments symbolizing their spiritual status, which also implies royal authority over certain matters. The person giving the blessing wears a gold crown to signify their prosperity and generosity of spirit which they happily share with those who seek them out for guidance.

At its core, this card symbolizes new beginnings as well as opportunities that present themselves on your journey toward enlightenment!

It represents virtues such as wisdom, patience, and knowledge – all things that can be obtained by listening to those around you without making any rash decisions until you have heard everything there is to hear first.

The Hierophant Upright Meaning

The Hierophant Upright Meaning in Love and Relationships

When this card is drawn upright, it can mean that you are currently in a relationship with someone who may be more experienced than yourself at the time. Because of this though, they will happily offer advice which should not only be accepted but taken into consideration as well.

You would do best to follow their example and guidance while allowing them to lead for now – even if your gut tells you otherwise. It’s important to take all opinions under advisement before making any final decisions on what path must be walked first during this particular journey through life together.

This experience can also represent interactions between family members or close friends where there could potentially come the point when one party feels obligated by tradition (or honor) to help guide another despite personal beliefs about how best to proceed.

The Hierophant Upright Meaning in Career and Work

In a career or work setting, this card can be interpreted as a mentor looking out for you from the shadows. They have been around for much longer than yourself but are willing to pass on their knowledge if asked nicely enough – even if it means making personal sacrifices along the way.

A message of humbling oneself may also come into play when experiencing such an interaction with these individuals because they don’t do what they do simply for themselves anymore. Instead, putting others ahead of them at all times despite hardships when necessary.

One could find that there is someone who has more experience, but would rather offer up before jumping into anything that might end up being difficult to handle in the future.

It is important to stay realistic when meeting with this person. They may lose interest if things are not handled carefully, so be careful and do it right.

The Hierophant Upright Meaning in Money and Finances

When it comes to money and finances, the Hierophant card can often mean that you are currently in a situation with an opportunity for growth. This is usually limited though, so don’t expect things to grow too quickly unless there is something special about this particular moment in time – or maybe someone else has found favor on your behalf.

It’s also important not to betray those who have trusted you up until now by taking advantage of their kindness; instead making sure everything will be fair before proceeding forward because they may end up regretting certain decisions down the road if given half a chance. It might even cause them harm if things aren’t handled carefully enough as well.

The individual depicted here could represent anyone from family members (such as parents) to friends and even a potential employer.

The Hierophant Upright Meaning in Health and Well-Being

When it comes to health and well-being, this card can point towards the fact that you are currently in a period of stability. While it might not be quite as advanced as your current situation requires, at least now things should start getting better over time – especially if certain precautions are taken along the way (such as eating right or finding ways to de-stress).

It’s always best, however when one is able to look out for their own personal needs regardless of what they really want deep down inside because there will come a time when others feel obligated by tradition or honor to do something on their behalf regardless of how difficult it may become. It’s important during these moments that people remain realistic about what is actually possible instead.

Because you are in a period of being cared for right now, it’s best to take full advantage of what is available without betraying the trust that others have put into you. This way when things do eventually get better over time, they will likely want to continue helping out even if changes need to be made along the way because at least everyone knows where each other stands with one another.

The Hierophant Upright Meaning in People and Personalities

The Hierophant tarot card is about being a leader, having authority and commanding respect. It means to be able to lead other people in the right direction because you know better than them what they should do or how they should behave.

People who are called “hierophants” (or high priests) can communicate messages from their god(s) or gods through rituals, ceremonies, and rites of passage that help society grow closer together as one entity instead of separate entities fighting for power.

The Hierophant represents unconditional love and compassion towards all living beings and denotes that we need leaders like this more often in our lives if we want to evolve into a higher state of consciousness as humanity on Earth.

The Hierophant Upright Meaning in Relationship Outcome

The Hierophant Tarot card is a positive omen for all types of relationships. It also means that you have the ability to lead your partner on the right path and help them achieve their goals in life.

You are able to convince other people with very strong arguments, but this doesn’t mean that you should always be loud or overbearing about it because some people may see you as aggressive if they don’t agree with what you say.

In any case, when friends look up to you for guidance and advice, make sure to pay close attention to at least one person who needs your knowledge more than others do – there’s no sense helping someone once every year while ignoring a friend who really needs help on a weekly basis!

The Hierophant Upright Meaning in Feelings

The Hierophant is about being in control of your feelings, emotions and thoughts. If you are someone who likes to be very rational with their lives, this tarot card can predict that you will have a lot of success during the day because people will appreciate what you say more than ever before.

Some people think that they should be open-minded to other people at first without judging them. Some of these people are like this because society says that they should act in a certain way, but inside they do not feel happy. Other people are the opposite – they only do what makes them happy. Sometimes, these people hurt other people around them by doing things just for fun.

In any case, as long as you’re not harming yourself or anyone else directly (physically or emotionally), the Hierophant shows that you should follow your heart and do whatever it takes to be happy at all times!

The Hierophant Upright Meaning in Spiritual Readings

The Hierophant Tarot card is a good omen for those who seek to develop their spirituality. The card means that you will start seeing the world in a different way and your intuition will tell you what must be done at all times, even if it’s not logical or rational according to other people’s standards.

This can help you make friends with like-minded individuals (those of groups where everyone has similar interests), but this might also mean that some relationships may become harder because of certain obligations, commitments, and responsibilities.

You should focus on yourself more than ever before; get rid of any bad habits around food, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. Try meditation every day, exercise regularly and get enough sleep so that your body doesn’t feel tired.

As soon as you master your mind, the Hierophant predicts that other people will acknowledge you for being an example of how to live one’s life in calmness, balance and harmony!

The Hierophant Upright Meaning as a Situation

The Hierophant Tarot card can symbolize a situation when you have to make difficult choices in your life. In most cases, the choice will be between what is right and wrong or between knowledge and ignorance.

In any case, this tarot card shows that you should never do something just because other people are doing it – take a step back from society’s standards for a while and start thinking about where they came from! If everyone starts making bad decisions on Earth, then we simply won’t evolve into higher beings no matter how much technology improves our lives every day.

The Hierophant Upright Meaning as a Place

The Hierophant Tarot card can symbolize a place where you feel safe and at peace with yourself. This doesn’t mean that this is your home; it simply means that the location gives you an opportunity to think about life in general without any distractions or disturbances!

You might find such places around nature (in parks, near rivers, lakes and mountains) but also among friends who appreciate what you have to say even if they don’t agree with your opinion all the time.

In any case, as long as you spend some time thinking about deep stuff every day somewhere quiet and peaceful, the Hierophant predicts good things for your future!

The Hierophant Upright Meaning as an Obstacle or Challenge

The Hierophant tarot card is not an obstacle or challenge.

It means that the person who has this card in their spread will be forced to face difficulties, but in the end, they can achieve something important and beneficial for them.

The cards tell us about a situation when people are trying to make progress with some projects, plans or goals which require help from others. This influence makes it clear that we need more time than usually expected to finish our project. However, persons involved must do their best because otherwise, there might be problems later on.

The Hierophant Upright Meaning as Action

In this case, the Hierophant tarot card represents a person who is patient and careful with their actions.

This influence might be the best time to study something carefully or do some research as there will be no obstacles that can interrupt you during your work.

The Hierophant often appears when it comes to examination periods at school or university because he gives us confidence in our knowledge and abilities.

He also tells about people around us who support us due to our efforts and good relationship we have with them, which results from hard work done before, for example, business partners or friends of yours, instead of family members.

The Hierophant Upright Meaning in Conflict

The Hierophant tarot card shows that we must be wise and patient during conflicts.

This doesn’t mean that the person who has this card in their spread won’t try to resolve it soon, but there might appear some difficulties with people involved which will make things more complicated than expected. The cards are telling us about a situation when you have to prove your point of view or defend yourself from others’ attacks because they don’t trust you completely yet.

It also means that someone is not honest with themselves or hides something important from others even though they should take responsibility for their actions no matter what happened before.

The Hierophant Upright Meaning as Advice

In this case, the Hierophant tarot card symbolizes that you should be careful and patient when making decisions.

People who are impatient usually make poor choices after doing something without thinking about consequences they might encounter later on.

If someone has this influence in their spread, it means that your plans may not go as expected because of a lack of preparation or a time limit is too short to finish everything properly. You must understand that if you don’t take any action now, then there will be even more problems for sure in the future which can create an additional obstacle between yourself and success.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to improve things little by little instead of rushing into unknown waters without research first. The cards give us advice here – try starting small (Hierophant as a card of the day).

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning in Love and Relationships

The Hierophant reversed card means that you are not being yourself in your relationship.

You might be feeling uncomfortable with how it is going, or maybe you just need to find a way to let go of the past and move on because if this tarot card comes up as a bit of advice, then there must have been some sort of problems between couples.

This can come from both sides, so trying to figure out where things went wrong should be a top priority for all parties involved.

This card may also show someone seeking new friends or wanting more attention from old ones but never getting anything back which will end up making them lose interest overtime after they’re only there when they want something.

The Hierophant reversed card is also about being unconcerned with the problems of others, so you might notice someone acting this way in your relationship or friendship, which can be a huge problem to solve.

So if you are ever stuck between two people that seem like they’re not giving you what you deserve, then try looking for some friends outside of both. Because one friend will never give more than another and it’s important to have many sources of support rather than only having one person who doesn’t know how to help themselves, let alone anyone else.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning in Career and Work

The Hierophant reversed card can mean that your career or work is going nowhere.

You might feel stuck in a job for the wrong reasons, and you’re trying to get out, but nothing seems to be working, which will lead to more frustration on top of not knowing what else you could do with your life.

This feeling of being stuck without any way out is something we all go through at least once…

So it’s important not to let things keep piling up until one day everything explodes and makes it even worse by making you regret every decision made along this path. Because now they have consequences attached while before there wasn’t anything stopping you from doing whatever came into mind. In other words, don’t burn bridges unless absolutely necessary because if you still want to go back there, you might not be able to.

So instead of giving up and finding a new career or job, look for ways in which you can improve your current situation so that the future looks better from now on.

This way, nothing will have been lost but instead gained by making sure this doesn’t happen again in the near future because life is too short to keep repeating mistakes without learning something from them.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning in Money and Finances

The Hierophant reversed card means that you are not taking the right steps in order to get ahead.

You might feel like you’re wasting time without getting enough results, or maybe your finances are falling apart and there’s nothing else left for anyone involved but trouble.

This can also come from someone who is spending more than they should be while ignoring what will happen next because of their uncontrolled behavior, which could lead to some pretty bad outcomes if things aren’t fixed soon.

So if you are having an argument with someone about money or other finances, then try to figure out where the problem is because there should be some way that it can all end up working in everyone’s favor without losing too much.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning in Health and Well-Being

The Hierophant reversed card means that you are letting things get in the way of your health.

You might be trying to ignore certain problems because they’re not life-threatening, but this won’t make them disappear on their own if something isn’t done about it soon.

This means that you might be ignoring an upcoming health problem because it hasn’t shown up yet, but this doesn’t mean that one day it won’t or that you don’t need to do something about it.

In other words, just take care of yourself first, then everything else will fall into place.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning in People and Personalities

The Hierophant reversed card can mean that you’re not giving people what they deserve.

You might feel like your relationship isn’t working out because the person in question doesn’t understand something along those lines, which will eventually lead to one of its ends if nothing is done about it soon enough.

So try to figure out why this situation has become so difficult for both sides and how each side feels before making any decisions. Because there’s always room for compromise when things are put into perspective without bringing the unnecessary drama.

And don’t forget that communication skills go a long way, especially during tough times like these, because everyone needs someone who understands their position, even if only momentarily, while also having some empathy towards them, despite whatever previous disagreements you might have had.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning as a Situation

The Hierophant reversed can mean that you’re not allowing yourself to grow and progress.

You might be scared by the idea of change itself, which will just bring more problems than solutions as time goes on because eventually someone has to make a choice about what’s going to happen next, regardless if it came from them or from their surroundings.

So instead try taking things one step at a time without getting too overwhelmed over possible outcomes until you know for sure how each one works out in your favor. And remember that there is always room for improvement, even when things seem perfect right now.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning as Relationship Outcome

When the Hierophant tarot card is reversed it can mean that you are being too rigid.

You might be trying to force something instead of taking things one step at a time, which will only cause more problems down the line because all this pressure won’t last forever.

Sometimes people have an idea about how relationships should work, and if they don’t happen like that, when their feelings get hurt along with what could potentially become much bigger issues in your lives as well.

If someone doesn’t feel understood or respected despite everything you do for them, then there’s not really much left between the two of you anymore, even though deep inside they know that nobody else would ever put up with them quite like you did during your relationship together.

So try finding out what went wrong in the first place and whether or not anything can be done to fix it, while also remembering that you are still allowed to move on if nothing changes.

The Hierophant reversed can also mean that someone is putting too much pressure on your relationship by trying to get involved with things they don’t know about themselves.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning as Feelings

The Hierophant reversed can symbolize that you are too sensitive.

You might be letting what other people say and do get to your head even though it has nothing at all to do with you, which is just going to bring more problems than solutions as time goes on because someone else’s opinion about things will never have any effect over how good or bad these events actually turn out for yourself in the end.

So instead, try focusing more of your energy into thinking about what YOU really want from life without taking anyone else’s feelings along with it, since there would already be a major difference between their perspective and yours if they were this harsh towards everything happening around them.

And remember that not who makes a mistake knows better but who learns the fastest.

The Hierophant reversed can also mean that you’re having issues with your own feelings towards someone else’s behavior, even though it has nothing to do with you at all since they are just trying to live their lives as normally as possible.

You might be finding yourself too preoccupied with what other people think of them instead of how these emotions affect only yourself and whether or not anything needs to change about this situation in particular because if so, then one way or another, problems will still surface eventually regardless if it came from them or from your surroundings first.

So try thinking about why this is bothering you so much without taking anyone else’s feelings into consideration before making any sudden decisions ending things between the two of you for good, since no matter how much you want to make this work, it won’t be possible without the other person’s full cooperation as well.

And remember that just because someone else doesn’t feel exactly like you do about something or even behave in a similar way, then what they might have said at one point does not mean anything is actually wrong with either of these things happening around them.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning in Spiritual Readings

The Hierophant reversed can symbolize that you are too stubborn.

You might be working on something all alone instead of trying to ask for help from someone else. This only causes more issues than resolutions as time goes by because everything around you will fall apart if this problem doesn’t get solved soon enough and there’s not much left between the two of you anymore.

Besides resentment at what happened in your lives even though it has nothing to do with either one of these events happening separately.

So try thinking about whether or not anything could have been done differently before making any decisions about how things should proceed afterward. No matter who was responsible first, problems always arise eventually when nobody wants to take responsibility for their own actions leading up to them.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning as a Place

The Hierophant reversed can mean that you are feeling useless.

You might be looking at life from a different perspective than everyone else around you and not letting anyone know about it as well. This is just going to cause problems between all of your relationships with other people as time goes on because they aren’t able to contribute anything positive towards what’s currently happening in either one of these aspects for themselves or their surroundings.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning as an Obstacle or Challenge

The Hierophant reversed can point to big obstacles or challenges that are preventing you from achieving your goals. This obstacle could be a person, an illness, or any other kind of setback in life.

You may also feel like something is holding you back and keeping the truth hidden from yourself. Subconsciously, it might feel impossible for you to go out there and do what needs to be done because this challenge feels too overwhelming at first glance.

However, if you focus on overcoming these problems one by one, then eventually they will fall away into nothingness as all things have before them come into being!

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning as Action

The Hierophant reversed can point to you having an inability or refusal to take action when necessary.

You may feel like there are certain rules in life that prevent you from evolving properly and reaching your full potential.

You have a feeling that something is being kept hidden from yourself, either because it’s too difficult for you at this stage in your development or just simply because the truth doesn’t seem right yet.

When faced with challenges, instead of trying to solve them by taking suitable actions, then maybe try looking within yourself for answers first before rushing into any decisions!

Get in touch with what makes sense deep inside in order to find out how best to move forward on your journey towards enlightenment.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning in Conflict

The Hierophant reversed can point to an ongoing conflict between you and another person in your life. You may be longing for a sense of security, but this is being blocked by someone else who doesn’t wish to provide it.

You might feel like there’s something that hasn’t been said which needs telling, so the tension could be alleviated from both sides if only everyone would just listen!

Try not to resort back into inaction or silence as these will only make things worse than before when trying to deal with such situations. Instead, try taking appropriate actions where necessary without expecting too much from others because they might fail you in return.

The best way forward involves staying true to yourself even though that means facing up against all kinds of challenges along the way.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning as Advice

The Hierophant reversed can point to an advice of having patience and taking the time to reflect upon your current situation in life.

You might be feeling like there’s too much pressure around you or that you’re simply not getting anywhere because everything is moving at a snail pace!

Maybe it seems like everyone else knows how to do things properly while you feel left out and alone, but maybe this is just part of the very lesson which needs learning right now.

Patience is key when attempting such lessons, as they require great effort on your part. You must stay true to yourself instead of giving in to others who may wish for something different from what makes sense deep within for you personally.

The Hierophant Meaning in Your Past, Present and Future

The Hierophant Upright Meaning in the Past

The Hierophant means that you have been on a journey of seeking knowledge and wisdom from different sources.

You were learning from your mistakes, from the lessons taught to you by others, and through past experiences in life. This is why people with this card may be interested in spirituality or religion because they believe it will give them a better understanding of themselves and their place in this world.

They can often teach these valuable lessons to other people who are going through similar trials as well.

There is an inner strength found within those with The Hierophant tarot card, which has helped them get through difficult times before, so there’s no doubt they’ll do whatever it takes to make sure things get done right if another hardship arises again soon.

The Hierophant Upright Meaning in the Present

The Hierophant in your present tarot card reading means that you are someone who has experience when it comes to dealing with people and social situations.

This is an important skill set because without the ability to communicate effectively between others there’s no way for anyone or any group of people to get anything done properly!

Your past experiences will help guide you through whatever issue may be at hand right now, so don’t hesitate to ask for some guidance if needed. A little bit of wisdom goes a long way towards solving problems like this one!

If another obstacle crops up soon then, The Hierophant suggests that seeking knowledge about the situation from reliable sources (friends, family members or books) could come in very handy indeed. You’ll be able to gain a deeper understanding this way.

You could learn about the people involved or even how similar predicaments have been dealt with in the past so you know what might work best for everyone concerned!

The Hierophant can also mean that it’s time to share some of your knowledge and wisdom with others because there are educational opportunities available now which are just waiting for you to take advantage of them. By doing so, not only will you expand your own horizons, but others will benefit from whatever knowledge is imparted as well – win/win situation all around!

The Hierophant Upright Meaning in the Future

This tarot card is telling you that there are going to be a lot of people looking for your advice, guidance and support in the coming months.

You might even find yourself mentoring other people who have less experience than you do when it comes to certain matters – this will come as second nature after years of dealing with similar situations before.

In addition, those around you could also ask if they can learn from everything you know about various subjects since The Hierophant represents knowledge which makes up an important part of your daily life now.

The future looks very bright indeed because whatever hurdles arise over the weeks ahead won’t seem so difficult any more, thanks to all this wisdom gathered during times gone by!

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning in the Past

The Hierophant reversed when in the past position can indicate that you were able to maintain social ties with people around you because of your strong sense of authority.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning in the Present

The Hierophant reversed when in the present position can represent that you will face challenges to your authority and coping with these challenges could be difficult for you.

The Hierophant reversed in the present position can also indicate that you were not able to maintain social ties because of your sense of authority.

The Hierophant Reversed Meaning in the Future

The Hierophant reversed when in the future position can represent that you will have to go against or challenge authority figures.

The Hierophant indicates that it might be difficult for you to maintain social ties with others because of your sense of authority and this problem is coming from a place inside yourself.

You need to work on balancing out your own feelings about authority so as not to create problems for yourself by challenging those who are meant to support and protect you.

The Hierophant Tarot Card Combinations with Other Tarot Cards

The Hierophant tarot card can be combined with other cards in a spread. I will describe the meaning of the most important combinations for you here:

  • The Hierophant + Hermit – You have to think about your path and how it all fits together before you go on new journeys or adventures, because otherwise you might get lost along the way.
  • The Hierophant + Magician – This combination shows that there is power available to change things around if we work hard enough, but it also means that we have an active role in what happens so far as responsibility goes. If this comes up reversed, then it could show a lack of discipline and control over our own energies which makes us lazy. We need to find ways to motivate ourselves.
  • The Hierophant + Star – This combination shows that we are learning from our mistakes and taking the time to think things through properly before acting, but also means that there is a sense of optimism in what might happen next. If this comes up reversed then it could show pessimism or depression about life which makes us feel like giving up on everything. We need some positivity!
  • The Hierophant + Moon – This combination means that you are more susceptible than usual to outside influences right now, so watch out for people trying to take advantage of your good nature or naivety somehow because they may try their hardest. It can also show an increased sensitivity at times when other people’s feelings matter to us, and we feel like we need to be there for people in order to make them happy. If it is reversed, then this could show that our good intentions are not being reciprocated or appreciated by the other person, which makes you think why bother at all? You can’t help everyone!
  • The Hierophant + Sun – This combination shows a very positive outlook on life and increased confidence when it comes to approaching new opportunities because of your optimism about what might happen next. It also means that we know how important our own happiness is, but sometimes fall short of showing others how much they matter so don’t take advantage of their kindness either. Reversed this card could mean pessimism instead, which makes you want everything
  • The Hierophant + Five of Cups – If this combination comes up then, it means that someone close to us has let us down and we are feeling hurt about what happened, but at least now we know where we stand, so there is no need to go back over old ground again. It could also mean an increased desire for material things which makes us feel like everything would be better if only we had more money! If reversed then it shows that our own fears and doubts have got out of hand and sometimes nothing bad even happens – life might just surprise you instead!
  • The Hierophant + Seven of Cups – This combination shows a sense of optimism and hope about the future because we have been able to learn from our mistakes so far, but also means that it is time for us to let go of old habits which are holding us back. If this comes up reversed, then it could show pessimism instead which makes you think nothing will ever be possible unless things change first!
  • The Hierophant + Ten of Pentacles – This combination can mean an increased focus on material wealth at the moment as well as feeling like there is stability in your life right now even if everything around you seems chaotic or out-of-control. It doesn’t matter what other people say – they don’t know the real situation after all! If this comes up reversed, then it could mean that there are some financial problems bubbling under the surface, which makes you feel like everything is out of control again.
  • The Hierophant + Three of Pentacles – This combination can show a very positive outlook on life because we know that if we put in enough effort, then anything is possible, but also means that sometimes others may doubt us or not believe in our abilities which makes us try even harder to prove them wrong. Reversed, this card shows pessimism instead so stop working so hard when there really doesn’t need to be any rush right now!
  • The Hierophant + Lovers – This combination could mean that we are looking for a more stable and long-term relationship to come into our life, but at the same time wanting excitement as well because it is hard to make up our minds. If this comes up reversed, then it means you have been thinking about what your true desires really are, which makes you want to take some risks in love instead now! You’ll never know until you try!

The Hierophant Tarot Card: Yes or No Card?

The Hierophant tarot card is definitely yes, but only if it comes up as the first answer to a question. The Hierophant tarot card can be considered approval of your choice; however, there are also some things that you should consider before you make any final decision.

Astrology and The Hierophant Tarot Card

The Hierophant tarot card is the combination of planet Jupiter which is associated with wisdom, guidance and growth.

The Hierophant Tarot Card can be considered as a sign that your decision will lead you to success in worldly terms.

However, if this card comes up reversed, it means that there might be some false friends or people who are trying to deceive you.

The Hierophant Tarot Card as a Person

When The Hierophant Tarot Card is represented by a person in your tarot reading, it means that this person is someone who you can trust and rely on.

This card has to be considered as the most reliable and trustworthy ally; however, there are some questions that should be answered before trusting them completely.

The Hierophant as a Card of the Day

When The Hierophant Tarot Card is the card of the day, it means that this particular day will be full of events that are related to your job or business.

You can expect success and popularity, but you should also prepare for some obstacles along the way.

The most important thing about all tarot readings with The Hierophant Tarot Card as a daily horoscope is attention to detail! You don’t want to miss anything, especially if there’s something very valuable hidden behind what seems to be an ordinary event.

What Zodiac Sign Is the Hierophant?

The Hierophant is the sign of Taurus.

This Earth sign loves comfort, luxury and material wealth when in balance with spirituality.

When it’s not balanced, there can be too much focus on physical pleasures at the expense of deeper meaning which could make an earth sign like Taurus lose touch with their emotions or obsess over money to a point where they are no longer able to see beyond that.

The second decanate (20th-30th) degree of this zodiac sign has some rising energy therefore adding even more emphasis towards pleasure if you pay attention to your natal chart.

Takeaways for the Hierophant Tarot Card

Based on what you’ve read, there are some things I want to highlight about this tarot card.

The major takeaway for people who get this card is that they need to find a balance between material wealth and spirituality in their life. They also want to keep an eye out how much of one or the other has been dominating their thoughts rather than both equally.

If you are a person who is looking for financial security, the Hierophant tarot card may represent this as well.

The most important advice I can give about this topic is not to judge yourself based on material wealth but rather how happy it makes you feel with your life overall.

You should know that money doesn’t equal happiness!

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