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The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of IX The Hermit Tarot Card?

The Hermit (IX) is the ninth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks.

The Hermit tarot card meaning can change depending on whether it appears upright or reversed.

When upright, this symbolizes going into solitude in order to find your own truth.

When reversed, this could mean fear of being alone and the inability to see things from your perspective.

In love, friendship, money and finances, health and well-being when appearing upright or reversed The Hermit tarot card meaning can vary based on other cards’ presence in a spread, but all of these denote withdrawing from worldly distractions for some form of contemplation.

Let’s see what this tarot card is up to in readings.

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The Hermit Tarot Card Keywords

Upright card (keywords): Introspection, Meditation, Self-reflection, Solitude, Soul-searching, Withdrawn from society.

Reversed card (keywords): Exile, Loneliness, Misfit, Sadness, Withdrawing from loved ones.

The Imagery and Symbolism of The Hermit Tarot Card

The Hermit is the ninth trump card of the Tarot deck.

The Hermit doesn’t have any astrological correlations. Still, there are several different theories about his origins. Some scholars believe that he was inspired by Virgil, who wrote “Eclogues” (Latin for ‘selections’), which were pastoral poems describing life in herds and shepherds’ huts.

There’s also a theory that this card comes from Egyptian mythology, where Isis or Thoth would use it to protect their people during floods or famines.

The imagery on the traditional tarot cards shows an old man with white hair holding a lantern against the darkness as he walks uphill towards sunrise.

His skin color is yellowish-green, so many occultists associate this card with the element of earth.

However, other scholars believe that skin color is meant to be golden-brown and yellowish tint comes from a light source placed behind him, which makes his face glow in contrast to darkness around him – this would make more sense if he was walking downhill towards sunset as the sun warms up rocks and stones at dusk just like it does during sunrise.

The Hermit’s lantern represents wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment because it illuminates the path ahead through life full of obstacles or difficult paths everyone has to take sooner or later.

He holds a staff that symbolizes stability – no matter how bumpy the road becomes, you have something stable under your feet so you can stay on track easier than without support from somebody else who knows what they are talking about.

The Hermit’s staff is also a tool that he uses to make his way through life – it can be compared to a walking stick, cane or hanbo used by monks in martial arts during training.

The Hermit wears brown monk robes and has white hair because this color combination reminds us that the material world has no value for people who have found their spiritual side after years of living as ordinary people who care only about worldly things like power, money and fame.

He doesn’t wear shoes because they would remind him of pain caused by excessive weight on human feet while walking around all day long, so instead, he feels energy from contact with the ground underneath his bare soles under his heavy robe filled with symbols related to spirituality rather than earthly things.

The Hermit also carries a rosary which is used by Catholics to count prayers and can be seen as a tool for meditation because it helps focus attention on one thing only – the beads create ‘one-pointedness while we repeat words related to God’s name or phrases during prayer so our mind stops wandering and focuses solely on this activity instead of bringing up other things from past, present and future while we try to pray deeply.

The white color reminds us that he has let go of anything material in his life, such as power, money, fame, etc.

When you meditate correctly, there should not be any thoughts distracting your mind from the current moment. Otherwise, you will fall asleep.

When you enter an altered state where time doesn’t matter anymore, you can be sure that you have mastered a certain skill and achieved your desired result. It makes sense to see the white color as a symbol for this achievement because people who meditate successfully are usually peaceful, silent, and all of their actions come from the heart.

The Hermit’s rosary is also a reminder of karma – we make our own future by our thoughts, words and deeds, so if we say something bad about someone else or do harm to others through action or inaction, then sooner or later the same will happen with us too when the time comes around again.

The Hermit Upright Meanings

The Hermit Upright Meaning in Love and Relationships

The Hermit card in love and relationships is telling us that we need to spend more time alone.

Going out with friends or spending a night in the town may not be what you should do at this moment. Find some quiet place, sit down and think about life.

The Universe wants you to get back into your introspective state of mind, so try to get away from distractions such as social media, TV shows, or loud music for once!

You could go camping or hiking, but even reading a book by yourself will help to bring balance between personal space and interpersonal connections.

The Hermit Upright Meaning in Career and Work

The Hermit in career and work is telling you that it is time for some serious thinking. You should take a vacation, do not answer any emails or phone calls from the office.

Close the door of your study room and go somewhere quiet where nobody can bother you.

Maybe even leave your city temporarily if this will help you to get into the right mindset.

Write down all thoughts about what The Hermit tarot card means for you personally at the workplace because once they come up with an idea that could change everything!

So please make sure to write them down before going back home – our memory often fails us during moments like these, so we might forget good ideas accidentally otherwise.

Afterward, try to organize all information gathered through deep contemplation. This will help you to find new solutions for the challenges which are currently standing in your way of professional development.

The Hermit Upright Meaning in Money and Finances

The Hermit in money and finances is telling you that it might be a good time to spend some hours doing your taxes.

You can also take this opportunity to organize all accounts, spreadsheets, invoices that have been lying around on the desk or computer desktop since last year. Some people use The Hermit card as a sign of financial well-being because they pay attention to details when managing their income – but if we’re being honest with ourselves, then most probably everyone could find something more useful to do instead of going through heaps of paperwork.

If you feel anxious about what The Hermit tarot card means for your bank account balance at the present moment, maybe even try praying to Saint Expedite? Maybe him for help so next month you will not have to worry about your money situation anymore!

In case of either uncertainty or fear with regards to the Hermit card as a sign for financial issues, it is always better if you seek help from an expert – somebody who can give you advice based on many years of experience.

You do not need any magic spells, just ask a friend for their honest opinion and follow whatever they recommend.

The Hermit Upright Meaning in Health and Well-Being

The Hermit tarot card in health and well-being is telling us that it might be a good time to focus on improving your physical fitness.

You could go for a morning run, try yoga or Pilates – you can even take up gardening if this does not sound too weird.

It doesn’t matter what kind of sport you choose, but our goal should always be trying to improve ourselves at least a little bit every day during the next few weeks. This will help you become more active, which means a healthier lifestyle overall!

Doing anything by yourself may be challenging but do not get discouraged because The Hermit likes difficult challenges! Just follow these easy tips from Martha Beck’s book called Finding Your Way In Wild New World: Take Small Steps, One at a Time.

In case of either anxiety or depression with regards to The Hermit card as a sign for health and well-being matters, try asking the advice from somebody who has overcome similar issues in their life before.

There is no shame in admitting that we need help sometimes, so please do not feel embarrassed about this – being proud while going through difficult times will only make them last longer.

It’s better to seek professional guidance but if you think that by yourself can solve your problems, then just remember what does The Hermit tarot cards mean when it comes up during divination sessions: every single experience is an opportunity for growth!

You might even discover amazing new things about yourself which you never knew were there before.

The Hermit Upright Meaning in People and Personalities

The Hermit tarot card in personalities and people means that it is a great time for you to spend some quality time with your closest friends.

It might be difficult but try not taking selfies every second – nobody likes the girl who posts pictures of herself all day long on social media platforms!

Just go out there, have fun, do something new together.

It does not matter because this will help strengthen relationships between close family members or partners, which are important for everybody’s well-being at the present moment.

Sometimes we need somebody else to look us straight into our eyes so they can see how much pain we’re hiding behind fake smiles. And then maybe give us advice based on their own experience?

We could really use someone like that in our lives, so try asking The Hermit if it would be okay for you to reach out and meet someone new?

This card is telling us that we need a friend who will not judge or criticize us but instead help lift up our spirits when we’re feeling down.

The Hermit Upright Meaning in Relationship Outcome

In case of a breakup or if your relationship is going through some issues, The Hermit as an advice for you could be that it’s not the end yet!

It really depends on whether this card was followed by other positive cards, but no matter what happens next, there are always chances to make things better.

You might have a chance to meet somebody new so try offering yourself a fresh start because nobody likes being stuck in unhappy relationships forever – people have dreams and goals they wish to accomplish one day too.

This can also mean that you should stop looking elsewhere and instead become more active within your current romantic partnership: do something nice every once in a while just like how any person would appreciate their partner doing after working all week long.

The Hermit Upright Meaning in Feelings and Emotions

Hermit tarot card meanings are linked to feelings and emotions.

The Hermit is a symbol of detachment from the material world, which means that it could be hard to understand what The Hermit means when appearing in your spread as an advice or during a reading.

Yet, we can say for sure that this card tells you not only about loneliness but also about learning how important inner peace and time alone is for yourself and others around you.

It might tell us that we need some quietness right now so we can find our own voice again without any interference from outside people telling us what should “we” do with our lives. This way, The Hermit Tarot Card meaning encourages self-reflection as well as discovering all those things you were hiding from others.

The Hermit is a card that represents the time you should spend with yourself, all those hours when nobody wants to talk or listen to us are perfect for meditation and contemplation about life in general.

The Hermit Upright Meaning in Spiritual Readings

The Hermit Tarot card is spiritually linked to meditation, self-reflection and contemplation. Spiritual readings are better with The Hermit appearing in them because this card represents an inner journey where we need time for ourselves to re-evaluate our thoughts about life.

Other reasons why spiritual readings should be done when The Hermit appears upright could be the fact that you don’t want to speak or listen right now; maybe your mind is preoccupied with something else, which means it doesn’t have room enough for other people’s problems at the moment (my personal favorite).

It might also mean that you feel like withdrawing from society during a certain period of time due to some recent experience you had, even though many may think that one would need socializing more than ever after such events.

On the other hand, The Hermit tarot card could also mean that you are not able to detach from your society or people close to you, which means that this person needs some inner reflection about what they are doing in their life right now.

This process is often called “soul searching” and many times it can be done only by one’s self because no matter how much we try, others won’t understand us until we figure out our own problems first.

The Hermit Upright Meaning as a Situation

In a situation from your life, The Hermit tarot card means that you need to spend some time alone now.

This is not about being anti-social or having an unhealthy habit of leaving people without saying goodbye, the reason why we should do it right now could be very simple – because our mind can’t process all those incoming data and emotions at once.

This way “soul searching” becomes a necessity for us as individuals in order to understand ourselves better and what is going on with our lives at this precise moment so we can make informed decisions regarding future events.

Sometimes there are no easy answers when doing soul searching but most often after spending even just one hour by ourselves, we realize many things about ourselves which might change our lives forever.

The Hermit Tarot card can also mean that you are withdrawing from the world right now because of some major event that has happened recently, even though it might be difficult for your mind to understand what is happening (you probably won’t know either).

All this leads us to one conclusion – during such times we need time alone in order for our minds and bodies to heal themselves back into normal working conditions so we can face upcoming events with a clear head.

The Hermit Upright Meaning as an Obstacle or Challenge

When The Hermit appears in a tarot reading as an obstacle or challenge, it means that you have some unfinished business that prevents us from moving forward with your life.

This is not about making mistakes, but more on the lines of understanding our responsibilities towards others and taking care of their needs before we start thinking for ourselves.

In this case, The Hermit Tarot Card meaning tells us to spend some time alone so we can figure out how much space we need within society, what kind of relationships are healthy for us based on past experiences and if all decisions made were good enough regarding these issues.

The Hermit Upright Meaning as Action

The Hermit card in an upright position means that you need to take action.

The environment around you is calling for your attention and it’s important not to ignore it any longer.

While the Hermit can sometimes be a warning of isolation, we often see this as a time when we must re-evaluate our choices and determine how best to move forward on our path towards spiritual enlightenment and inner peace.

The Hermit Upright Meaning in Conflict

When the Hermit appears in a reading upright, it can indicate that you are experiencing an internal conflict or dilemma.

You may be feeling torn between wanting to move forward and taking action versus staying where you are until all of your questions have been answered.

In order to avoid burnout from overworking yourself too quickly, this card often suggests that we should take our time with decisions instead of rushing into things without thinking them through first.

The Hermit Upright Meaning as Advice

When The Hermit card appears upright in a reading, you would be wise to take action.

This is the time when we must follow our inner voice and not allow ourselves to get distracted by outside noise or influence.

The difference between living your life with purpose and energy versus allowing yourself to lose focus will become more apparent as time goes on if you don’t pay attention now while the timing is right.

The Hermit Reversed Meanings

The Hermit Reversed Meaning in Love and Relationships

In a love reading, the Hermit reversed may be indicating that you feel stuck in a situation.

You might feel as though your friend or partner isn’t listening to what you have to say and is not paying attention anymore.

If you are single, this card can indicate loneliness and isolation from others around us. We may find ourselves spending too much time alone instead of engaging with those close to us who need our support at this time.

This can lead to depression if we don’t take steps towards connecting with loved ones again soon enough – so reach out!

The Hermit Reversed tarot meaning also suggests feeling insecure about yourself within relationships or friendships over an extended period of time.

The Hermit Reversed Meaning in Career and Work

The Hermit reversed in work and career situations may be indicating that you are experiencing an increase in stress at work or within your current situation.

This can lead to difficulty concentrating on the task at hand, especially if there is no support around you. For example, this card could indicate feeling isolated from colleagues who simply aren’t interested in what you have to say about a particular project – even though they should be!

It might also suggest that we feel undervalued by our employer for doing too little work whilst getting paid too much money for it. We need to take some time out of our busy schedule to think carefully about whether this job really makes us happy anymore as well as bringing up these feelings with someone senior before making any rash decisions.

The Hermit Reversed in career and work situations can also be seen as a sign that you are looking for more meaning within your current job role, but aren’t finding it yet.

You might feel stuck in your position without knowing what to do next – or when the right time is to make a change. It may even suggest that you have lost sight of why exactly you applied for this particular role in the first place! Take some time out from work every now and then if possible to think about whether your current environment matches up with all of your personal goals & needs before making any drastic changes yourself though…

The Hermit Reversed Meaning in Money and Finances

When The Hermit appears reversed in money and finances reading, it can suggest that we are experiencing difficulties with concentration as well as finding ourselves unable to focus on the task at hand.

We may be feeling overwhelmed by what is going on around us due to financial concerns or even personal ones – perhaps related to health issues too?

This card could also indicate feelings of loneliness if you’re single, which will not help your situation much either!

You might feel like you’re up against all odds when this tarot spread shows up reversed here.

You need someone who has experience within these matters for advice though rather than trying to go it alone (which won’t work out very well).

Asking for professional guidance from someone senior within your company or even a mentor who has been around the block before, could help you get back on track.

The Hermit reversed in financial situations can also suggest that we are feeling too restricted by our personal finances to take steps towards making things better for ourselves.

The Hermit Reversed Meaning in Health and Well-Being

The Hermit reversed in health and well-being can indicate feelings of being cut off from your support network as well as others around you.

You may feel isolated due to a lack of empathy or understanding from those closest to you, which is only going to make things worse for us over time if we don’t seek professional guidance quickly enough!

We need someone who understands what it’s like within our current situation just before getting into any deep discussions about how best to move forward with these issues – so try not worrying too much yet.

In terms of energy levels when The Hermit appears reversed here, this could be indicating that we are lacking motivation & inspiration at the moment.

Even simple daily tasks might seem overwhelming too, due to a lack of enthusiasm for anything in our life at the moment.

We might be feeling tired all day long as well, which isn’t going to help us much either!

The Hermit Reversed Meaning in People and Personalities

When The Hermit appears reversed in people and personalities readings, it can suggest that we are becoming too isolated from others around us.

We might even be pushing away those who truly care about us as well just then for no good reason – which is only going to make matters worse over time!

You need someone with experience within these matters on your side though before doing anything hasty (such as making drastic changes) because you will not achieve the outcome you desire if this happens.

The Hermit Reversed Meaning as a Situation

The Hermit reversed situation often appears when somebody is getting stuck in his own fears and doubts, not being able to move forward.

This person might feel lost and lonely because of the lack of support from others.

The Hermit reversed suggests that this individual could benefit from asking for help or making an effort to do something on her/his own without knowing where exactly s/he should go with it at first glance.

The Hermit Reversed Meaning as Relationship Outcome

When The Hermit reversed appears in a relationship, it usually means that this partnership is no longer satisfactory.

This type of situation makes one partner feel trapped and alone while the other participant feels annoyed.

Under these circumstances, both partners are thinking about leaving the union but still do not take action because they don’t know what to expect next or where could they go if they leave their current position.

The Hermit Reversed Meaning as Feelings

When The Hermit reversed card appears in a reading, it usually tells the person feels lonely and isolated.

This individual might not feel like talking about her/his feelings to others or s/he might be too afraid of sharing his problems with other people because they expect rejection from them.

The presence of this tarot card shows that one should act upon feeling alone because this situation is temporary only if you let it stay for long periods of time.

The Hermit Reversed Meaning in Spiritual Readings

The Hermit reversed meaning in spiritual readings suggests that one should think about their present state of affairs.

This individual might feel stuck or lost without any sense of direction because he forgets to take care of himself and does not follow the main goal she has set for life so far.

When The Hermit card appears as a reversed tarot card, it usually means that this person is taking things too seriously sometimes, which then leads to negative consequences such as anxiety attacks or depression.

The Hermit Reversed Meaning as an Obstacle or Challenge

The Hermit reversed shows that one should not be afraid of taking a risk.

This person will have to face the fear and loneliness someone feels right now but they will soon find out that it is important for personal growth if this individual manages to overcome these obstacles.

In many cases, The Hermit reversed card suggests being stuck in something or staying at the same place without moving forward or trying new things, which means stagnation and boredom after some time passes by.

The Hermit Reversed Meaning as Action

When The Hermit reversed appears in a reading, it usually means that this person is hiding her/his true feelings even if she or he wants to reach out for help in the first place.

The presence of this tarot card shows that one should act upon feeling alone because this situation is temporary only if you let it stay for long periods of time.

It might be necessary to take some risk and do something on your own without asking anybody else’s opinion or support sometimes.

The Hermit Reversed Meaning in Conflict

When The Hermit reversed shows up in a conflict situation, it means that this person is trying to keep everything inside of himself and not express what she or he really feels.

This could be because he or she has been hurt before by other people, so now the only way he knows how to solve problems is by being on his own rather than talking with others about them.

This behavior can lead to disappointment, but one should never feel like they are alone even if their family members cannot provide support every time when needed, there will always be somebody who cares for you no matter your age.

The Hermit Reversed Meaning as Advice

When The Hermit reversed shows up in a reading, it usually means that this person should be patient and wait for things to come naturally.

Sometimes letting life take its natural course can lead to unexpected outcomes, so one should not rush through the process of learning something new but rather take their time until they understand how everything works perfectly well.

In many cases, acting upon feelings will only result in disappointment because there is no guarantee that you are going to feel better after doing whatever action your heart might suggest you do at any given moment.

The Hermit Meaning in Your Past, Present and Future

The Hermit Upright Meaning in the Past

The Hermit in the past position can mean that you spent too much time alone or away from the world.

You may have had an introverted personality and didn’t like surrounding yourself with people.

It could be possible that you were afraid of socializing, in which case your issues are not related to The Hermit card but rather to The Devil card. Or perhaps it is because someone close to you died recently?

If this was a family member may be seeing them or their memory made you want some peace and quiet so at least only positive memories would surround you whenever they appeared?

The last possibility for why The Hermit appears in your past lifeline is connected with education, jobs and work opportunities. Maybe during one period of your life, you were very introverted and you didn’t interact with people as much as before?

The Hermit Upright Meaning in the Present

Now that you understand what The Hermit tarot card means in the past, it’s time to focus on your present.

The first thing we can tell about this position is that The Hermit will appear as a sign of wisdom and knowledge. It simply tells us that if we need advice or help with something, all we have to do is ask and people around us will be happy to offer their support.

The Hermit here is a sign that you may need to take some time for yourself.

If your career includes working with other people, like in the case of teachers, mentors and doctors this card will appear as a reminder not to neglect personal life or private issues. You must ensure that no one feels neglected because there are more important things than work at all times!

All kinds of health problems can be connected with The Hermit tarot card appearing in this position though it doesn’t mean they’re going to happen immediately after seeing this message from your future self. However, if you see The Hermit many times, perhaps you might want to listen to what he has been saying?

If we think about everything mentioned above, how can The Hermit upright meaning in the present position be explained?

First of all, we must say that The Hermit card is a sign of introspection and solitude. However, if it means you’ve been spending too much time alone or trying to avoid people for some reason, then this might not be such a good idea. If you’re an extrovert and find yourself away from others, maybe try to spend more time with people as soon as possible because otherwise, your mental state may suffer!

The Hermit Upright Meaning in the Future

Here, The Hermit card is a sign of solitude and wisdom. It tells us that even if we don’t want to be alone all the time, there are some situations when it’s simply necessary.

However, this doesn’t mean you should try to avoid people because they will only make things worse for both parties involved!

If you see The Hermit in your future tarot reading, then maybe consider spending more time with others?

People need socialization just like introverts do; everyone has their own needs, so it would probably benefit every party concerned by surrounding themselves with other people.

The main idea here is that if something or someone makes you unhappy constantly, then no matter how much money or success you have at least one day eventually everything could go wrong!

So, what does The Hermit tarot card mean when it appears in the future position?

It’s a sign that you need to spend more time with people and be less introverted. You should also consider talking about your feelings because otherwise, no matter how successful or wealthy you become someday everything can just go wrong for everyone involved!

The last thing we have to mention here is that if this was an issue from the past which has been bothering you recently, then maybe now is a good idea to talk about your fears or concerns, so they never come back again! This way, both parties will understand each other better and avoid similar problems in their new life together.

The Hermit Reversed Meaning in the Past

The Hermit reversed can indicate that you have been pushing people away lately. Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your need for isolation and come back into the world a little more often.

The Hermit in reverse suggests that there might be too much going on inside of you right now, making it difficult for you to quiet down enough to hear what is being said from an outside source.

You may even feel blocked off from receiving guidance or answers because of all this internal noise!

In situations where others are feeling lonely around you, try reaching out with kind words and gestures rather than further isolating yourself from them.

The Hermit Reversed Meaning in the Present

The Hermit reversed also suggests that you are being too controlling or too self-sufficient in the present.

You might feel like people don’t have anything to offer, so why bother? Why let them get close if they can’t contribute to your life in a meaningful way?

It’s time to re-evaluate this mindset and remember that everyone has something unique inside of them waiting to be shared with others!

If you find yourself pushing past boundaries of intimacy, try opening up more about who you truly are instead of trying to hide behind an exterior mask. People will appreciate it when you do!

When The Hermit appears upside down next time he does not suggest introspection but rather, isolation and disconnection.

The Hermit reversed might be appearing to suggest that you are avoiding yourself – whether it is by numbing out with drugs or alcohol, burying your head in books for hours on end or any other way of not engaging with what’s going on inside of you right now.

It may also indicate a reluctance to leave the house and engage with others which can give rise to feelings of loneliness and depression if this behavior continues for too long!

The Hermit Reversed Meaning in the Future

The Hermit reversed suggests that you are not moving at the pace which would best suit your needs in the future.

You might feel like people are pushing you to do things before you’re ready or forcing their help on you when it’s not really wanted, and this can make life difficult because of all these external pressures attempting to force change within yourself.

Perhaps someone is suggesting a certain course of action for your career but deep down inside, it just doesn’t feel right?

It may be time to look at what is holding you back from reaching out further into new possibilities – whether they come from outside sources or something deeper within. Perhaps there has been an internal shift regarding how much longer you wish to stay stuck where you currently are!

The Hermit Tarot Card Combinations with Other Tarot Cards

The Hermit Tarot Card Combinations with other Major Arcana Cards

The Hermit is associated with the following tarot cards, including Death and Judgement.

  • Death – when this card appears next to the Hermit, it suggests that you need to leave behind something in your life so that you can move forward spiritually. This act of leaving may be difficult but necessary for growth. Sometimes we take on too much or hold onto things out of fear which keeps us from our spiritual path. It’s time to release what no longer serves you so that new opportunities can come to fruition.
  • Judgement – When this combination comes up, it tells you there are many changes occurring within yourself right now; however, they will bring about a new beginning. It is time to let go of the past so that you can move forward in life with a fresh slate without worrying about what has left your life.

The Hermit Tarot Card Combinations with other Minor Arcana Cards

The following tarot cards are associated with The Hermit card when they appear together in a reading, including Two of Swords and Ten of Pentacles.

  • Two of Swords – When this combination comes up, it tells you that sometimes we need to isolate ourselves from others for our own mental health even if it means disconnecting yourself from people who care about you deeply; however, at some point down the line make sure to reconnect or else feelings may be hurt. You cannot bottle everything inside forever because eventually emotions will overflow.
  • Ten of Pentacles – when this combination comes up, it tells you that your social status is on the rise, but try not to let yourself become too caught up in material possessions because true happiness does not come from money or other material objects. You need to maintain balance so that greed doesn’t take over allowing you to lose sight of what truly matters most in life.

The Hermit Tarot Card Combinations with Other Suit Cards

When considering combinations between two tarot cards, the suit association for each card is considered as it can provide additional understanding about their meaning and connection together. For example, look at the following associations between The Hermit card and all four suits below:

Suit Associations:

  • Wands – The Hermit and Wands cards connect together well because they both represent new ideas, inspiration and creativity. When this combination comes up, you need to listen to the inner voice of your intuition so that wisdom can be discovered through your own thoughts rather than seeking guidance from others who may not have your best interest at heart or know what’s really in store for you down the road. Sometimes truth is hidden deep within until we learn how to tap into our subconscious mind where it has been waiting patiently all along.
  • Cups – The Hermit and Cups tarot card combinations suggest that there are feelings involved with whatever issue you currently face; however, try not to overthink things too much as this will only lead to more confusion and stress. If you allow your mind to be silent for a little while, the answers will come flowing out naturally as if by magic so that you can find peace of mind once again.
  • Swords – The Hermit and Swords tarot card combinations suggest that it may not be beneficial or necessary for you to dwell on past events because there is nothing you can do now to change what has already occurred in the past; therefore, focus your energy on thinking about something else such as planning ahead instead of focusing solely on yourself right now. There will always be time later down the line where this topic might pop up again during another reading but until then, try not to worry too much about things working themselves out eventually even if they seem impossible at the moment.
  • Pentacles – The Hermit and Pentacle tarot card combinations suggest that you may need to become more isolated from others for your own benefit so that you can take care of yourself when necessary without worrying about how everyone else around you is doing because in reality it doesn’t affect you personally what they are up to right now even if they think otherwise. You have to learn how to be independent before anyone else will ever truly understand this part of who you are, but do not go too far with this where no one can get through or influence your life whatsoever either because then there would be nobody left in the end except yourself standing all alone which is neither a good feeling nor healthy way to live by any means.

The Hermit Tarot Card: Is It Yes or No Card?

In certain cases, The Hermit tarot card can indicate that a “yes” or “no” answer is expected from you.

This depends on the reading and whether it pertains to something specific such as asking for advice about a decision you have been contemplating recently or if there are hidden motivations behind asking this question which might lead to more complications down the road depending on what type of situation it may be.

Astrology and The Hermit Tarot Card

The Hermit Tarot card, like the Virgo zodiac sign, is linked to work. The Hermit implies success, knowledge, achieving your objectives and discovering the truth.

In astrology, Virgo is a service-oriented planet that rules the 6th House of the zodiac wheel. The 6th house is about vitality in astrology and how well you can carry out your duties as a worker. It displays how powerful and dependable you are during the act of serving others.

The Virgo zodiac sign is also directly ruled by the Hermit Tarot card, which is in turn governed by the planet Mercury. When they’re alone and alone, Virgos are said to be at their happiest and most satisfied. Virgos are also noted for their ambition toward perfection.

The Hermit Tarot Card in a Daily Reading

The Hermit Tarot card is said to appear in a daily reading when you need some quiet and solitude away from the hustle and bustle of life.

You may feel like avoiding others or spending time alone for an undetermined period of time.

However, this can become problematic if something important arises during your retreat such as someone who needs help because there would be nobody available around at that moment to assist them, which could have very negative consequences overall down the road.

The best thing to do under these circumstances is seek counsel with another reader so they can advise you more on what course of action should be taken next before making any type of permanent decisions where it will affect not only yourself but also those around you even if they are complete strangers without your permission, to begin with.

Conclusion About The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings

The Hermit tarot card is very interesting and can provide a lot of useful information about the influence that this card has on our lives.

The important thing to do when we see the Hermit tarot card is to pay attention if it appears as an advice or just another daily Tarot Card reading.

It’s also good to remember that there are no rules for interpretation, so everyone will have their own way of understanding what each Tarot Card means, but we hope this post was helpful and you learned something new!

The article has now reached its conclusion. Thank you for reading it! Remember to share your thoughts and experiences with The Hermit tarot card in a comment below, as well as any additional questions or requests regarding this article.

I wish you all the best on your spiritual journey!

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