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The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of IX The Hermit Tarot Card?The Hermit symbolizes above all reflection and the search for the meaning of life. Among other things, it is also about getting to know oneself and finding one’s place in the universe. Often this tarot card is also equated with loneliness, but in a positive context to learning and meditation. Whoever understands himself better will ultimately understand the world better. A light helps to illuminate the dark path, it is essential to perceive and recognize this light.

Short Meaning The Hermit

  • Reflection
  • Meditation
  • Search
  • Self-knowledge
  • Light
  • Loneliness

In a nutshell, The Hermit shows how important it is to get along with oneself and that this precious time should not be underestimated. Life can be experienced much more intensively in this way and many experiences are possible and broaden the horizon. This would simply not be necessary in a group or with another person.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card The Hermit

The Tarot Card The Hermit stands not only for loneliness itself, but also for the feeling of being alone, even when people are around. This may be due to the fact that different oscillation frequencies prevail or different learning tasks have to be mastered. I think there are times in life when it is advisable to spend time alone so as not to experience distraction from outside. Only then it is possible to hear your own inner voice, which sometimes speaks very softly. It usually does this when it has not been heard for a long time. The Hermit continues to stand for humility as well as for modesty. This card promises a time full of new insights about yourself and the world.

The Hermit In Love And Relationship

If the tarot card The Hermit is drawn concerning love and relationship, then it is about a precious connection to another person. The partners understand each other both romantically and spiritually. They can philosophize about the meaning of life and enrich each other’s perspective. The Hermit can also refer to a loner, who often prefers solitude, even if he is in a relationship. Here, loneliness is enjoyed rather than being a source of discomfort, because many seekers of truth know exactly how important a good relationship with oneself is. And this relationship to oneself must also be nurtured and cared for.

The Hermit In Money And Career

As far as the profession is concerned, the Hermit shows a rather solitary character, which is not so well suited for teamwork. At least not in this phase of life. In general, it may be that the person in question is better able to work alone. If this is not yet the case, it can be very beneficial for the quality of life to look for new professional paths. Sometimes it may take a while before something suitable is found. But the Hermit makes it very clear: Where there is a will, there is a way. I think it is more effective for everyone if a loner finds his own way instead of adapting to a team where he might not fit in well anyway.

The Meaning Of The Reverse Tarot Card The Hermit

If the card The Hermit is upside down, this indicates isolation, which is not so positive. It is about bitterness and aberration. In this case it is especially important to pay attention to any light that can show the way out of the darkness. It does not matter how apparently small this light is. But if you look carefully, you will be able to recognize it and find the way out of the confusion. I am sure that an aberration may be an important experience, because in the future it will be possible to walk on the path of life with special awareness and attention.

The Hermit In Combination

The Hermit And The Fool

An easy phase of life is indicated, but also loneliness. Like a philosopher who is absent and withdraws from society to reflect. Quick-wittedness is given.

The Hermit And The Magician

In this constellation a person with a strong mind is represented. Mindfulness and intelligence are also among their strengths. The aspect of relaxation is often neglected, rather fellow men from the environment are analyzed.

The Hermit And The High Priestess

Here a well-running relationship between a man and a woman can be seen. Sexual matters are not in the foreground here. Teamwork and trust, however, are.

The Hermit And The Empress

If these two cards are connected, then it is mainly a matter of wisdom. Furthermore, it is about a woman who is on the one hand very careful, but on the other hand productive and not afraid to tackle things.

The Hermit And The Emperor

Represents a very creative person who does not like to talk about anything. A wise man is seen, a person who is very well known. Often someone who is liked more after dying than when he was alive.

The Hermit And The Hierophant

When these cards are connected, physical strength and a strong mind can be seen. Regardless of these characteristics, the person concerned is nevertheless often hesitant or indecisive. The mind prevents the body from being active. One who understands and can teach about emotional tensions is close by.

The Hermit And The Lovers

Spiritual matters are to be regulated, strong energies prevail. Magical work is possible in this way. In physical matters, danger threatens forces that disturb the balance.

The Hermit And The Chariot

This is where enjoyment of life becomes apparent, such as the special care of a vehicle. This can also be a vehicle or a horse.

The Hermit And Strength

Refers to subtlety in dealing with different situations.

A tendency to be sneaky is also shown by a person who thinks before he acts. A person who fights for advice but cannot take it to heart. Justice and the wheel of fate are often linked.

The Hermit And The Wheel Of Fortune

Represents a coordination of many aspects by one person. The ability to think on several levels is particularly present here. A person whose subconscious functions better than his consciousness is in the foreground.

The Hermit And Justice

Often means frustration, especially because of conflicts between the desire to quit work and the desire to improve constantly or regularly while doing the same job. Excellent artistic and scientific skills can be recognized. However, the person in question is distracted

The Hermit And The Hanged Man

This constellation is about power to influence things with the mind alone. Mental power is therefore present.

Creative ability is also successfully applied. Talismanic magic as well as the connection with the spiritual world are in focus in this constellation.

The Hermit And Death

Indicates creative tension. The feeling of pressure and physical pain dominates in this case. The person in question would like to be drugged, maybe get drunk.

The Hermit And Temperance

Indicates a powerful, creative relationship. The danger of being too emotional is given here. A tendency to hypochondria as well. A vitamin freak also has an extreme respect for health.

The Hermit And The Devil

A person who takes a casual rather than a neat approach to things can be seen here. A vacation or other kind of rest from daily tasks is the focus of attention and requires planning.

The Hermit And The Tower

When these cards are connected, a gifted speaker shows up. One who can show his talents best when speaking, because he is eloquent. In general there is a need for “special conditions” for the liberation of the creative mind.

The Hermit And The Star

The need to be alone has absolute priority here. Only then can the person in question reflect and come to terms with himself.

The Hermit And The Moon

A positive decision shows the ability to work quickly and unhindered. In negative combination with other cards, a friend can be seen as a bum or lazy.

The Hermit And The Sun

Refers to richness of materials and possibilities n. A feeling of being in harmony with the goal of life fulfils the person concerned.

The Hermit And Judgement

Like the magician and the fool, only more headstrong. This is how it is with this combination of cards. Extended adrenaline rush. A tendency to eat and sleep to forget. Enjoying and indulging are the focus.

The Hermit And The World

Here it is about the clear perception of the existence of other people, especially a certain person. A moment in which the senses, especially the senses of seeing, hearing and feeling are very sharp to almost sensual excitement.

Tarot Card The Hermit As Advice

In my opinion, the Hermit stands above all for knowledge and wisdom, but also for a phase of reflection. I would therefore like to ask you to take some time for yourself today and to become aware of what you have already learned and what you might still want to learn.

In Love

On the one hand, love lives from togetherness, but phases of separation can also be very refreshing; you then become especially aware of what you have in common. I ask you to create a beautiful day for yourself and to look forward all the more to the togetherness.

At Work

The Hermit also symbolizes knowledge, wisdom and reflection in professional terms. Today you will learn something new. Maybe you will also go into yourself today and reflect on your professional career. Please use this day to learn or discover something new.

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