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The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of XII The Hanged Man Tarot Card?In general, the tarot card “The Hanged Man” means that you are in a difficult situation.

Short Meaning Of The Hanged Man

  • Mental maturity
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Actorlessness
  • Solving wrong lifestyles
  • Independence
  • Reversal
  • Powerlessness
  • Delays

In these mentioned characteristics there is the possibility for new perspectives. Rethinking life once again, being in a state of meditation and thinking productively – that is the key to great changes. I see it that way that you should take the time you need. Allow yourself the necessary rest, because only here you will find your inner peace. Take the standstill as a starting point and don’t draw hasty conclusions from your confusion. There are many paths that lead to the goal.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card The Hanged Man

Your orientation is not clear at the moment and you are confused from time to time. Often it feels like helplessness, but this state need not be permanent. You are hanging in the air, but you can also see this state as an exercise. Practice being patient and soon you will reach a new level.

The Hanged Man In Love And Relationship

The Hanged Man symbolizes in the love tarot an orientation crisis, which your partner is currently experiencing. This state also confuses your living together and your emotional world is upside down. After all, you do not know where you are anymore. This state is not satisfying and causes insecurity. I recommend that you leave your sweetheart alone for a while so that there is room to come to your senses. Soon everything will return to normal.

The Hanged Man In Money And Career

In professional matters the tarot card “The Hanged Man” is not necessarily welcome. It threatens lasting losses or even a standstill. It needs patience to overcome this phase, but it is not impossible. I understand that there are ways to sit out the Hanged Man in tarot and not to draw any disadvantages. If the professional situation has just changed, there is absolutely no reason to get upset. The point here is to wait for the right time and not to make any hasty decisions that could damage the business in the long run.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card The Hanged Man

The reversed tarot card “The Hanged Man” symbolizes sagging. It shows how difficult it can be to get back up again. Further on, signs can be misunderstood and the topic of hypochondria could also weigh you down. I recommend you to stop and become aware of what is really important in your life. In the silence lies the power. Here you should first think about everything, instead of drawing hasty conclusions. Only in this way you will not regret any of your decisions in the future.

The Hanged Man In Combination

The Hanged Man And The Fool

It is about power, about being able to bear difficulties. There are great learning tasks and experiences to be recognized. Oaths and vows are not so important, an honest word can be enough.

The Hanged Man And The Magician

This combination means that a mysterious person enters into action to dazzle or keep up appearances. However, it is not about the own benefit.

The Hanged Man And The High Priestess

The constellation means danger in case of delayed action. Self-pity is to be avoided in any case. Someone should seek distraction from an exciting and energetic personality.

The Hanged Man And The Empress

It is about a sacrifice for love. It is about letting the children go so that they can lead their own lives. A woman with great magical power is present.

The Hanged Man And The Emperor

Sometimes a feeling of remorse arises here. Even more often the own strength is passed on. The moment of action is important when events lose control or are not planned.

The Hanged Man And The Hierophant

This is where fertility shows itself. This is a good indication to plant the garden or to plan an appropriate project. Can indicate the fertile part of the month for a woman.

The Hanged Man And The Lovers

Refers to certain sacrifices in love. Also a martyr complex can be seen. The body also threatens to fall ill if the suffering is simply accepted for love.

The Hanged Man And The Chariot

If these cards are connected, then comfort and domesticity become apparent. The same is true for a person who has given everything there is to give.

The Hanged Man And Justice

This combination represents a sense of destiny. A sense that events have a pattern, but the pattern is not fully apparent.

The Hanged Man And The Hermit

This constellation is about power to influence things with the mind alone. Mental power is therefore present.

Creative ability is also successfully applied. Talismanic magic as well as the connection with the spiritual world are in focus in this constellation.

The Hanged Man And The Wheel Of Fortune

Means the willingness to make sacrifices or to accept the discipline to improve oneself. To be seen is someone who has more self-confidence than it may seem on the outside.

The Hanged Man And The Power

This is about a feeling of destiny. A feeling that events have a pattern, but the pattern is not fully recognizable.

The Hanged Man And Death

Although the risk of physical suffering is present, there are usually many advantages to this combination. A sudden gift can be expected here.

The Hanged Man And Temperance

Indicates feelings of rejection. It is about a person who gives up too quickly. Encouragement must be subtle if it is to be effective.

The Hanged Man And The Devil

Strong instinctive drive can be seen here: To eat, have sex and defend one’s own territory.  A tendency to paranoia and other dark moods can cloud one’s judgment.

The Hanged Man And The Tower

Refers to a normal, calm person who sometimes explodes during activities or display. A person who feels the need to scream from time to time. Short experience or intense excitement is experienced here.

The Hanged Man And The Star

One who is easily misled is represented by this constellation. A person who lives vicariously for others. A bad evaluation of the character can have serious consequences. We are talking about a real daydreamer.

The Hanged Man And The Moon

Stagnation and laziness are spreading here. Chronic, minor illnesses can make life difficult.

The Hanged Man And The Sun

Means a person who has too high an opinion of himself. One who spends a lot of time reigning over abilities that have never been put to the test. Not reliable, but sometimes able to do things surprisingly well. A tendency to have initial happiness can be seen here. Also someone who follows hidden clues, even if there are none.

The Hanged Man And Judgement

The focus is on reputation and celebrity. A person whose talents you know very well, too. Strong public relations work is done.

The Hanged Man And The World

Refers to a completed history. An experience that seems isolated and has nothing to do with others. The loss of feeling associated with death prevails here. A person who has had an experience that has changed his life greatly takes an important place in it.

Tarot Card The Hanged Man As Advice

Sometimes life seems to go no further even though a situation needs to be clarified. For me, the Hanged Man symbolizes a situation that has gone wrong. I therefore advise you not to invest unnecessary energy and to wait for a suitable time to clarify the things that are important to you.

In Love

In love there can be inconsistencies. I advise you not to talk about any important issues concerning your relationship today, because today there will probably be no solution. Please keep your questions in mind and practice patience. At the right time everything will be clarified.

At Work

The card of the Hanged Man clearly shows you that it is best to remain passive today. Save your energy and breath for other days when you can make more of a difference professionally. I would like to ask you to let this day simply pass you by and to tackle certain projects better another time.

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