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The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of III The Empress Tarot Card?In general, the Tarot card embodies “The Empress” according to the interpretation, maturity and growth. Beauty and sensuality are also among the important qualities inherent in this card. For me this means that the Empress is a representative of love and at the same time shows how to enjoy life. She shows us that we ourselves are the decision makers of our own happiness.

Short Meaning Of The Tarot Card The Empress

I have summarized the following aspects of the tarot card “The Empress”:

  • Assuming responsibility
  • maternal bond, maternity
  • Awareness of your own goals
  • Free development for a happy life
  • A sense of responsibility in every respect

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card The Empress

Looking at the older tarot decks, the Empress is often depicted as a maternal matron. In the Rider-Waite-Tarot however, she is much more attractive and symbolizes love and passion. I understand the message above all as a call to accept your decisions and to accept the change that often accompanies them.

The Empress Meaning In Love And Relationship

At first glance, the female forces seem to work against you. This certainly does not mean that you suddenly have to be interested in women. The tarot card only describes a romantic or erotic relationship, which is not only based on passion. For me this also means that a feeling of responsibility should not be missing. The feeling of responsibility should not be one-sided in any case, but mutual. In an intact relationship, there is always one person who shows the way while the other follows. This has nothing to do with pure dominance, but rather with consideration. Only in this way, in my opinion, can a fundamental and happy relationship work.

The Empress Meaning In Money And Career

The name “The Empress” alone has great expressiveness. But it is not about simply ruling. Rather, I understand the Tarot card as an indication of your very special charisma, which also benefits you in your profession.

You are in harmony with yourself and the world and this creates a unique aura that casts a spell on other people. Therefore you have the best chances for success in your professional life. Of course, you shouldn’t rely solely on the message of the day ticket, but you already have the perfect prerequisites to get off to a good start in your career.

The Meaning Of The Reverse Tarot Card The Empress

The Empress’s reverse tarot card is to encourage you to make a march stop. For me this means that you should take some time to rethink your life situation. Is there anything you can improve? Then make your life situation easier by allowing change.

I recommend that you accept the reverse position of the tarot card and let it work on you for a few seconds. Only in this way is it possible for you to really shed light on your overall situation. Free yourself from too many trivialities that are holding you back in your big project.

I understand the Empress’s tarot card as a symbol of the realization of creative projects. But also in the middle of life it gives you the impulse to make the best out of your situation. In every interpersonal relationship responsible action is required. For me, the Empress means a start for pleasant developments in your life! Take the card in you and feel the energy that permeates you. In this way you can absorb and implement the message optimally and completely within yourself!

The Empress In Combination

The Empress And The Fool

Indicates a good mother-child relationship. Romantic and business topics are better avoided, otherwise there could be catastrophic consequences. Better avoid romance and business.

The Empress And The Magician

This combination refers to friends or lovers who come from very different homes. Here we see a young man with a mature woman.

The Empress And The High Priestess

Shows a young girl and the relationship to her mother. The change from child to teenager is slowly but surely developing. In addition, an impeccable person is rewarded for their strength of character.

The Empress And The Emperor

Indicates a wedding anniversary. A long lasting friendship is also indicated. Parents are in focus just like success in material matters. With it the worldly success is meant.

The Empress And The Lovers

Here a marriage broker shows up. Interference in private matters is not always desired, but it does take place. A parent is too vigilant towards his or her child, here it is important to let go of something.

The Empress And The Chariot

It is about a physical birth. A venereal disease can also cause problems. A need for privacy should not be suppressed, but rather lived out so that the balance is maintained.

The Empress And Strength

This combination refers to male or female dominance. A woman is disturbed by a man, the same can also be the other way round. A relationship between two people is shown here, with active and passive roles, which are clearly distributed.

The Empress And The Hermit

If these two cards are connected, then it is mainly a matter of wisdom. Furthermore, it is about a woman who is on the one hand very careful, but on the other hand productive and not afraid to tackle things.

The Empress And The Wheel of Fortune

Indicates a jealous person. But also on a Empress, mostly female, who won, although this was rather not to be expected. Aspects of oppression and incapacity become apparent.

The Empress And Justice

Here a woman with frightening qualities shows herself. A person who has inherited the power or who could gain it through patience and wisdom. Conservative behavior patterns dominate.

The Empress And The Hanged Man

It is about a sacrifice for love. It is about letting the children go so that they can lead their own lives. A woman with great magical power is present.

The Empress And Death

This combination indicates a rest to recover from illness or failure. This could also apply to a hot love relationship, but it is not as stable.

The Empress And Temperance

If these cards have a connection, it is a matter of a person separated from public opinion and social restriction. A mother who refuses to allow her child to develop freely will experience the consequences.

The Empress And The Devil

Means wisdom in social matters. A person who knows the deeds of his neighbors is in focus here. Also a prominent leader who cares about the social aspects of other people.

The Empress And The Tower

Two people, who think and feel very similarly, appear in this connection. Telepathy in active affairs is not uncommon. Past lovers who may have married other partners can also be seen, as well as a love relationship that is more like a relationship between brother and sister.

The Empress And The Star

It is about the feeling of wanting and having to fulfill destiny. True will and right action are in the foreground. These aspects have to be considered and lived.

The Empress And The Moon

A pregnancy is imminent. Changes in the body become visible. Development of consciousness takes place through the experience of life itself. Can also be seen as a metaphor.

The Empress And The Sun

Means indirect use of energy. The own vocation is found and lived. Shyness and modesty combined with unusual and special mental abilities results in a valuable character.

The Empress And Judgement

This combination represents female sexual energy. Female orgasms are in the foreground here, as well as ecstasy due to effort, drugs or other causes.

The Empress And The World

If these cards are connected, then the world is a friend. The needs are present and fulfilled by nature. A feeling of belonging dominates and feels good.

Tarot Card The Empress As Advice

Development is part of life, which usually means change. The map of the Empress points to living developments. I would like to urge you not to resist this development, especially today, but to accept it with gratitude. Please grow and mature in love.

In Love

Standstill is the opposite of development. In love it is therefore essential to encounter changes over time, because these symbolize a living development. Today, look closely at what is changing in your relationship and take it to a certain extent. Please be open for new developments.

At Work

Sometimes professional life seems full of boring routine. But today the Empress shows you the opposite, namely development and growth. I therefore advise you to keep an eye on your new opportunities and to grow professionally. Please take the initiative today if this should become necessary.

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