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The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of XV The Devil Tarot Card?The Devil has always symbolized temptation, vice and possession. So also in the Tarot. This card stands for everything that makes life more difficult and for various adversities in life. Not infrequently it is also about addictions of any kind. To face the Devil will in the long run strengthen resistance and the senses in general.

Short Meaning The Devil

  • Truck
  • Temptation
  • Deception
  • Obsession
  • Desire

Above all, the Devil stands for everything vicious and forbidden in this world. He must exist, so to speak, so that the light and the pious can also find their expression. Every person has the choice to choose between the two aspects.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card The Devil

The tarot card The Devil seems to bring disaster as good as always. In truth he is only a sample. If one’s own discipline and self-knowledge is not far off, The Devil can cause harm in a certain way. Sometimes this card also means that the inner demons appear, so an event does not necessarily have to happen for The Devil to strike. The inner demons can also torment a person in the form of lack of self-esteem and fears of any kind. To repress them can have devastating consequences, because then they become stronger and stronger. I think, whoever makes acquaintance with this tarot card should not be intimidated and see the Devil for what he is. As part of the world, partly also in ourselves. At least sometimes. Our task now is to gradually learn to deal with him, so that he does not have power over man, but the other way around.

The Devil In Love And Relationship

If the Devil shows himself in love, then the participants feel this very strongly, because here it concerns an attraction, which is larger than humans themselves. Therefore it does not always make sense to resist this attraction, it must be at least partially lived out, so that an important aspect in life can be learned, namely that there is not only black or white. The same applies to right or wrong, because often it depends on the motivation behind an action. Nevertheless, love can be very hard on you when the tarot card The Devil shows up. Often this card is equated with extramarital activities, but this does not always have to be the case. In any case, fanatical feelings and emotions are the focus here. These become a bit more transparent over time, but this may take a while.

The Devil In Money And Career

In professional matters the tarot card The Devil points to a fraudulent deception. Perhaps funds are embezzled or untruths are deliberately spread to the disadvantage of the person concerned. In any case, something is going wrong, as always when The Devil has his fingers in the pie. Here highest caution is required, who likes, can look around witthout obligation for a new job, it is best in this case to secure itself in the apron something. I think that those who are not afraid of the Devil, but are ready to take him by the horns, can deal better with the challenges he brings.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card The Devil

The Tarot Card The Devil is a borderline card in any case, no matter if it appears conventionally or upside down. Either way, it brings with it a tremendous energy that can have enormous effects if these energies are not channelled. But often this process is necessary in life in order to feel the power of various energies and to take them seriously. Only then is a person aware of these powers and begins to take responsibility for himself and his life.

The Devil In Combination

The Devil And The Fool

The aspects of confusion, of the morally questionable, are hinted at. Grief and pain can be effectively expressed through the media. Anger, ignorance and stubbornness are also symbolized.

The Devil And The Magician

This combination illustrates the bad reputation the Devil has. However wrongly in this case, because it concerns the constructive handling of plants and animals. It is about breeding with reason, like a sly fox the handling is shown here.

The Devil And The High Priestess

This is about the tendency to melancholy. A person who sometimes frightens anxious people. Often a woman or a man with a large body.

The Devil And The Empress

Means wisdom in social matters. A person who knows the deeds of his neighbors is in focus here. Also a prominent leader who cares about the social aspects of other people.

The Devil And The Emperor

Here a hard ruler shows himself. Punishment for corrective purposes is then not uncommon. It is also about condemnation and self-righteousness.

The Devil And The Hierophant

Learning through experience is the theme here. Physical training and learning skills pays off. marksmanship. This is also true in the long run.

The Devil And The Lovers

It is a serious and demanding challenge with enough strength to meet it. An adrenaline rush can be of great help. Sensual moments are also experienced.

The Devil And The Chariot

Here blind love of the fatherland shows itself. Justification of social laws and forms and behaviors as a whole can be seen here. The same applies to conservative politics.

The Devil And Justice

Insights into details become possible. A person who makes small corrections effortlessly and accurately. Difficulties can be identified overall when planning or acting.

The Devil And The Hermit

A person who takes a casual rather than a neat approach to things can be seen here. A vacation or other kind of rest from daily tasks is the focus of attention and requires planning.

The Devil And The Wheel Of Fortune

Dealing with aspects from the past are the focus of attention. Either a person is too stuck in doing things or is able to rethink habits. A danger of tyranny exists when a leader is pushed too hard.

The Devil And Strength

Refers to insights into details. A person who makes small corrections effortlessly and accurately can be recognized here. Difficulties overall in planning or acting cause trouble.

The Devil And The Hanged Man

Strong instinctive drive can be seen here: To eat, have sex and defend one’s own territory.  A tendency to paranoia and other dark moods can cloud one’s judgment.

The Devil And Death

Minor disability or discomfort dominate in this constellation. Especially a tendency to see a bigger problem instead of a small one is present here. Sometimes a minor but common illness such as a cold can develop.

The Devil And Temperance

A new situation has become a habit here. This means the stabilization of a change in the life cycle. Awareness of the routine is also present.

The Devil And The Devil

Points to a time of truth. Either a time of fear and hiding or a time of trumps and glory. It is about the experience of suddenly standing up and facing the naked reality.

The Devil And The Star

Here a clear idea of material things is evident. Appreciation of nature and the joy of life is given.

The Devil And The Moon

Means the pleasure of connecting with the elements of nature, as described in the Garden of Eden, but more from the point of view and feeling of an intelligent animal than a human being, so more instinctive.

The Devil And The Sun

Deception and fear of getting caught for something dominate here. It is about guilt for having sinned. Sometimes, but more rarely, a sense of identity with the great creative power of the world is created.

The Devil And Judgement

One person rules the world or makes it his own. A situation in which one has seemingly absolute power over something or someone. Even a settlement of debts can be recognized.

The Devil And The World

Everything that has to do with time and its perception produces this constellation.

Depending on how one reads the cards, time or things are missing. If a number card follows this constellation, it can be decisive for the future.

Tarot Card The Devil As Advice

In my opinion, the Devil’s card stands for temptation. Try to resist a temptation, especially today, and strengthen your will power. I advise you to consider temptation as a part of life, where you can grow wonderfully. Please sharpen your mind and your senses today.

In Love

Even love is not always safe from temptation. The areas of temptation are manifold, sometimes the temptation to focus on one’s own needs is very strong. I recommend you to listen to your mind and your heart in love especially today. Please find the balance.

At Work

The Devil stands for temptation, also in professional matters. Maybe you are tempted today to pass over a colleague or someone tries such a move against you, even if it is not meant personally. Now I ask you to look at possible facts from different angles. Sometimes it seems different than you think.

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