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The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of VII The Chariot Tarot Card?In general, the Chariot in Tarot indicates your mood for departure.

Short Meaning Of The Chariot

  • Departure
  • Independence
  • Going your own way
  • Hesitation for the mature decision

A clever Charioteer should first check whether he is really ready to take new paths. Only when he knows exactly that the path is the only true one can he start in the new direction. Hesitation is not a sign of weakness, but a pure precautionary measure to reconsider everything very carefully.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card The Chariot

By this I mean that you can now become independent and go your own way. You do not need to be dependent on other people. Do not hesitate and take off! It is important that you are ready to go new ways. You do not have to rush anything. Take the time you need to not rush anything. Only then can the message of the Chariot in Tarot have a lasting effect on your life.

The Chariot In Love And Relationship

When you are alone, the best time for you starts now! You have the desire to conquer the world, because you have finally freed yourself from the thought of being dependent on others. You are almost bubbling with optimism! This is the opportunity! Seize your chance and go among people. Make new contacts and find your happiness in love! If you are in a relationship, you can steer your partnership in a new direction. For me this means, it is the perfect time for changes in every respect! Your optimism lets your past rest and opens new doors.

The Chariot In Money And Career

Just as in love, your career prospects are very positive. Now is the best time to really get started. The message of the Chariot in Tarot gives you the direction forward. I understand that your chances of success are almost the highest right now. Your positive aura will not go unnoticed. It has a very special effect on your fellow human beings. In a job interview you will convince and even if you are aiming for a higher position in your profession, your colleagues will be impressed by your motivation and your will to make a difference.

The Meaning Of The Reverse Tarot Card The Chariot

With the Chariot’s reverse tarot card, I recommend that you pause a bit and take your time. The Chariot should be your vehicle with which you find your way back to your home port. The way is stony and many factors distract you to get to your real destination. The upside down Chariot is a hint for you to reconsider your chosen path. We often fail in life. I see it in such a way that you rethink your life with the inverted map and make your path corrections to your personal goal. Only in this way will you take the right path.

The Chariot In Combination

The Chariot And The Fool

This combination suggests a playground. It could also be a detour. A situation or a relationship is not too serious right now, but still exciting. Slight irritation can arise.

The Chariot And The Magician

This is where a lot of energy and strength is shown to realize own projects. The necessary tools are available for this purpose. It is about a person who has everything he needs to master his life.

The Chariot And The High Priestess

If these cards are related, then it is about simple and enjoyable times in a protected place. Security and privacy go hand in hand. The power to influence events in unseen ways is also used effectively.

The Chariot And The Empress

It is about a physical birth. A venereal disease can also cause problems. A need for privacy should not be suppressed, but rather lived out so that the balance is maintained.

The Chariot And The Emperor

A great social and spiritual leader presents himself in this card combination. Someone who is convinced of the correctness of the things done or planned. A dangerous tendency to paranoia is seen.

The Chariot And The Hierophant

It is about a guide for useful knowledge. Introduction to the art of self-defense is recommended here. The same applies to learning social rules.

The Chariot And The Lovers

Points to the limits of love or to testing mystical experience. If all is well, the love or experience leads to a noticeably better life. If not, it inevitably leads to fear and withdrawal from society.

The Chariot And Strength

Indicates the importance of optics. Beauty treatments are in the foreground in this context. In addition, appearances dominate here. Also an experience related to a party or show can be seen.

The Chariot And The Hermit

This is where enjoyment of life becomes apparent, such as the special care of a vehicle. This can also be a vehicle or a horse.

The Chariot And The Wheel Of Fortune

It is about speed of action and thinking. A rousing speech is given. An adaptable person is also in the vicinity.

The Chariot And Justice

This combination often indicates physical health. There is a tendency to dishonesty, including a feeling of being disadvantaged by the behavior of others.

The Chariot And The Hanged Man

If these cards are connected, then comfort and domesticity become apparent. The same is true for a person who has given everything there is to give.

The Chariot And Death

Refers to the withdrawal from public life. An inner experience provides enough excitement. People who like to be left alone are in the foreground here.

The Chariot And Temperance

Points to people who have lived quietly and now want to return to society to do good and help others.

The Chariot And The Devil

Here blind love of the fatherland shows itself. Justification of social laws and forms and behaviors as a whole can be seen here. The same applies to conservative politics.

The Chariot And The Tower

Means fear, catastrophe and nervous breakdown.

It is about a sudden breakthrough to a new life. This is not an easy experience. If the Chariot is well built, it can start a profitable journey.

The Chariot And The Star

A powerful, spiritual experience is at work here. Either as a total secret or totally public. In any case extreme. The fruit of victory or the action of the losers are feared.

The Chariot And The Moon

This constellation represents the discovery of new paths. Setting up rules is important now. So is the creation of a law.

The Chariot And The Sun

Refers to a person with natural rank. A person who is respected for his appearance and manner.

The Chariot And Judgement

Meditation and reflection are the focus. Bad for action. Tendency to melancholy can develop into violent moods, therefore it is important to pay attention to a certain balance.

The Chariot And The World

Represents a person who is a follower. The opposite of a leader. It represents a person who is not dangerous, but rather runs away.

Tarot Card The Chariot As Advice


For me the Chariot stands for a joyful departure. It is now time to get going. I would like to ask you to take the first step in the right direction today, so that you will feel good. Please look forward to an inspiring departure.

In Love

The map of the Chariot symbolizes for me the beginning of a journey. Maybe it is an excursion or a vacation. An adventurous time with your partner awaits you. I recommend you to enjoy the anticipation already today, because a journey always holds many positive experiences.

At Work

Perhaps you are going on a business trip or are being assigned to another area of work. The card of the Chariot stands for departure, which means for you to discover and learn new things. I would now like to ask you to open yourself to new ways and experiences. Please be open-minded and look forward to your professional future with optimism.

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