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The Strength Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of VIII Strength Tarot Card?

The Strength tarot card is an unusual one, which can be interpreted in many different ways. Depending on the question you are asking, the answer will always be different. This article will explore The Strength tarot card meanings related to love, friendship, money and finances, health and well-being when appearing upright or reversed. You will also find a list of combinations with other tarot cards at the end of this article.

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The Strength Tarot Card Keywords

Upright card (keywords): Confidence, Enjoying power, Inner strength, Potency, Self-belief, Virility, Vitality.

Reversed card (keywords): Hedonism, Lack of self-control, Lacking courage, Self-doubt, Vanity.

The Imagery and Symbolism of The Strength Tarot Card

The Strength tarot card depicts a woman who is surrounded by an abundance of flowers. Her dress is decorated with roses and lilies, while her hair has fruits in it (apples).

The lion lying on the floor next to her represents power without any aggression or violence. She pours its contents from one cup into another; all this time, she holds his mouth shut firmly with both hands. This implies that there’s no need for fear because all negative emotions are closed away inside him.

At the same time, he willingly lets himself be led by her because of their common desire to live life to the fullest – they have grown together!

This image beautifully shows how important inner strength is when coping with different challenges in your everyday life: whether it is a problem with money or an issue in your relationship, you will be able to handle it if only you believe in yourself.

The Strength tarot card meaning can also indicate that no matter how difficult the circumstances seem, there’s always another way of looking at them and this new perspective may bring fresh hope – like when we look through different glasses. It could even mean taking control over something which seems uncontrollable right now: transforming our fears into courage and power!

The keyword here is ‘transformation’ because whatever we’re afraid of loses its hold on us once we face up to it and turn things around using strength instead of weakness.

This interpretation implies that true strength comes from within: all negative feelings such as anger need to be transformed into a positive, healthy attitude if we want to be successful in life.

The Strength Upright Meanings

The Strength Upright Meaning in Love and Relationships

The strength card in a love reading represents someone who has just come into your life, but they are here to stay.

The Strength often refers to an ex-lover or partner that you have recently started seeing again – another person may be projecting their own fears onto this new relationship and calling it off before giving it enough time to blossom. This is the only interpretation of the Strength where reversed does not indicate any negativity towards romance at all!

It can even represent having already found ‘the one’ very soon after embarking on a fresh start with somebody else. When people feel like they’ve been through heartbreak due to ever changing circumstances beyond their control, strong feelings for someone will bring them back from despair. That’s what happens when the Strength appears in a love reading.

The Strength Upright Meaning in Career and Work

The Strength card is the tarot’s way of saying that you are stronger than whatever situation you may be in at work. It can also show up when things get tough but, ultimately, it will all work out for good – this feeling might not come across right away, though!

As with love readings, some people can misinterpret what The Strength means (especially if they’re nervous about their job security).

If your career path has been downward lately and nobody wants to hire you anymore because of your lackluster resume or previous history, then reversed meanings do apply here.

However, difficult times don’t last forever, so there could still be hope left even after experiencing repeated rejections from employers/managers/supervisors, etc. Be patient, and don’t give up.

When The Strength appears in a career or work-related reading, it usually means that you need to build your own sense of security within the workplace by doing things for yourself (through hard work) instead of depending on other people’s help/support – this is an external sign from The Strength which will eventually lead to internal strength as well.

The Strength Upright Meaning in Money and Finances

The Strength card in a financial reading is an indication of an opportunity that has come up unexpectedly. It’s something you didn’t even know existed but, now it does, there will be a great gain to be had!

Someone may have just passed on some massive savings or maybe they’ve left behind money/assets which are undervalued and not yet claimed by anyone else – these types of opportunities happen all the time so keep your eyes peeled because The Strength can also show up when unexpected windfalls appear (like regular lottery wins for example).

The Strength Upright Meaning in Health and Well-Being

The Strength card in a health and well-being reading suggests that you are stronger than whatever it is which might be troubling you – there’s no need to feel down about what may appear to be an insurmountable problem.

If the issue relates directly back to The Strength, then things will improve eventually so long as your mental/emotional strength matches up with physical effort on your part. As mentioned above, practicing self-care is important if someone has been feeling particularly low lately or they have experienced poor health for some time now (and wants more positive energy flowing into their body).

There could also be another reason why people tend to experience emotional problems all of a sudden when this card shows up in readings – usually, it means that somebody is going through so many other changes in their lives right now that they don’t know which way is up anymore!

In general, whenever The Strength turns up in reading regarding health & well-being (for yourself or somebody close), it signifies the need for people not to try too hard at everything all of the time.

The Strength Upright Meaning in Relationship Outcome

The Strength card in a relationship outcome reading can mean that both parties are becoming increasingly frustrated with each other because one of them is not putting enough effort into the relationship.

If this is about somebody who was recently single, it could be an indication that they will eventually settle down again but only after searching for love further abroad (this applies to all types of relationships).

It also suggests that people should avoid getting too attached to someone if The Strength appears upright during readings – there’s no point trying to make something happen which isn’t meant to happen anyway.

This type of situation usually arises when two people have just hooked up or got involved very quickly even though their personalities/values don’t match at all. So much wasted energy!

The Strength Upright Meaning in Feelings and Emotions

The Strength card in feelings and emotions reading means that there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to whatever is bothering you. You might not be able to change the situation but, you can definitely learn from this experience so long as your emotional intelligence keeps getting better (i.e., keeping calm under pressure).

There will come a time when something much worse happens than what has already taken place – for example, somebody could lose their job or health issues could get even more severe, BUT they may find themselves in an even stronger position thereafter because of what happened before!

This type of strength rises through hardship and people who tend to suffer in silence are often at risk here because The Strength gives them enough power, which sets them free eventually.

People who are actually being abused by somebody else should definitely get help ASAP because this situation is extremely dangerous.

The Strength card in a feelings & emotions reading often suggests that people need to think about their own needs more – even if they don’t want anything too much, it’s important for them not to always give up all of the time!

The Strength Upright Meaning in Spiritual Readings

The Strength Tarot card is the card of “spiritual, emotional and physical strength”. The traditional meaning of Strength in tarot cards is how you can handle your own emotions and feelings while achieving success through courage, leading to an inner power that comes from above.

For example: when asking yourself, what does this mean for me right now?

You may get a message like this; it shows there are things out of our control but we can learn to accept them by gaining some kind of wisdom or experience. We need to understand that there is nothing wrong with having fears because they exist for good reasons, especially if they come up at times when something important needs doing, so take action anyway even though you might feel anxious.

The Strength Tarot Card is a symbol of “will and determination” to get things done in life while showing you should not be afraid what people think about you if they don’t agree with your decisions or actions because it’s all part of the process that leads towards personal growth and positive change, which will eventually lead to the higher consciousness.

The Strength Upright Meaning as a Situation

When the Strength Tarot card appears upright, it could be a sign that you need to let go of whatever is stressing you out or worrying you too much because not everything in life will go according to our plans.

This means sometimes we have to deal with things even if they are hard and unpleasant, especially when this involves other people’s opinions about us which does not always feel good but just remember there might be hidden blessings in disguise, so don’t give up your dreams for someone else’s ideas.

Do what makes sense for yourself and do something nice for yourself instead!

The Strength Upright Meaning as a Place in Your Life

The Strength Tarot card is associated with the place in our lives that offers us opportunities for growth and requires courage on your part.

When The Strength tarot card shows up this way, it’s a reminder to take action instead of just thinking about doing something because nothing will happen unless you do so first!

It may be time to face what has been holding you back from achieving success or overcoming certain obstacles no matter how challenging they are, which can actually make things easier if we see them as challenges instead of problems.

This means there is more than one answer or solution when dealing with an issue, even if not everyone agrees with your point of view, but at least now you know better why they feel like that!

The Strength Upright Meaning as an Obstacle or Challenge

The Strength Tarot card can show up when you are experiencing “feelings of being overwhelmed”.

This means that no matter how much we want to keep going, sometimes there are just too many things on our plate and it’s not a good idea to add more because the only thing this will do is make us feel even worse in the end!

There might be some anxiety involved, but don’t let yourself get all worked up over nothing. Otherwise, this could cause something serious like an illness or burnout, which does nobody any good. Try taking some deep breaths instead.

The Strength Upright Meaning as Action

The Strength tarot card meaning as action refers to the strength we all possess within us and is represented by a woman who successfully tamed a lion.

This strong energy enables you to turn your dreams into reality. Being in control of this power also means that you can live up to what you promise, achieve your goals and become successful at work too!

The Strength Upright Meaning in Conflict

The Strength tarot card meaning in conflict, whether it’s a disagreement between friends or an argument with your partner, tells you that the power struggle will not last for long.

You should be ready to make compromises and help each other out if either of you is struggling financially or physically since this also means that one of you needs rescuing!

However, do not forget about yourself when helping others because nobody can live without taking care of themselves too!

You need to set some boundaries so that both sides are respected instead of being taken advantage of.

Your words carry more weight than usual during this time which enables you to successfully resolve any problems at work as well.

Also, take note that there might still be people who are trying to hurt you, so be vigilant!

The Strength Upright Meaning as Advice

The Strength tarot card meaning as advice refers to the fact that you are currently in a period of your life where everything seems to be going right.

Even difficult tasks seem easy for you since it looks like success is guaranteed, but don’t forget about planning because if you don’t have one, then there might be some unforeseen circumstances that will lead to failure!

If this situation has already occurred and things did not turn out how they were supposed to, just keep calm and try again until you succeed at whatever it was that needed doing before giving up completely.

You should also learn from any mistakes made during these times because nobody can predict what could happen next time around.

Also remember that others may doubt your abilities, so make sure you prove them wrong!

With the strength of The Strength tarot card, you should be able to achieve even your loftiest dreams if you put in enough effort.

If there is something that has been worrying you for a long time and it’s taking its toll on your energy levels, then maybe now would be a good time to take action instead of just thinking about what needs doing.

The Strength Reversed Meaning

The Strength Reversed Meaning in Love and Relationships

The Strength reversed meaning appears when you are unable to control your negative emotions or have to deal with an emotional crisis.

You are overwhelmed by fear, guilt and anxiety, which does not allow you to make the right decision. It is hard for you to face reality as well as it might be difficult for others around you to understand what’s going on in your mind.

A major fear of yours is that you might not be able to handle the situation and as a result, things will end up in disaster.

You need to trust your intuition more, learn how to separate yourself from all those negative emotions and find balance again.

Also pay attention to what’s going on around you instead of being trapped inside your own head!

The Strength reversed meaning can also appear when you have an abusive personality or are violently controlling towards others because of a lack of self-esteem.

The Strength Reversed Meaning in Career and Work

If The Strength reversed meaning appears in a career reading, then it indicates that you are not using your talents and abilities to the fullest. You have difficulties with expressing yourself without being too controlling or harsh on others.

You might be lacking confidence, feel insecure about certain tasks, and as a result, you will continue behaving this way even if nobody is putting pressure on you anymore.

The best thing for you to do is work hard towards developing those skills and learn how to trust other people more and let them make some mistakes every once in a while. This way, everyone around will grow, which means both of these things can help improve your self-esteem at the same time!

In case there’s someone who has been dominating you lately, then they will be gone for good if you start acting on your own and following your heart instead of listening to their commands.

The Strength Reversed Meaning in Money and Finances

The Strength reversed meaning appears in a money reading when you feel like there is something wrong with your finances and overall state of well-being.

You might be feeling exhausted, drained out or even depressed about how little money you make despite all the efforts put in. However, it does not seem to get any better, and nobody understands what’s going on either.

This situation can also appear if somebody has been stealing from you lately by taking advantage of your good nature, for example. If so, then stand up against them because they are not worth keeping around!

You need to learn how to say “no” more often too, since this will help prevent situations where others take advantage of you again.

On top of everything else, many people find themselves in debt after trying to overcompensate for something that scared them the most, which was probably feeling unworthy of having enough money.

If this is your case, then you need to get rid of all these fears because if you are afraid about not being able to pay back a loan or keeping up with expenses, then you will never be able to fix anything!

The best thing for you would be finding courage and believing in your ability to earn more money rather than relying on other people’s opinions about your ability to earn money. Otherwise, it might end up hurting both your self-esteem as well as how others perceive you, so let go of past mistakes and move forward instead!

The Strength Reversed Meaning in Health and Well-Being

The Strength reversed can indicate that you’re feeling drained of energy or physically weak. You could be experiencing fatigue or chronic pain, perhaps because of an illness. It may also mean that it’s time to take care of yourself and pay attention to your health needs before they become serious problems.

If you’re sick, The Strength reversed may indicate that your illness is likely to be long-term or chronic.

It’s also possible that the energy drain you feel now will hamper your ability to heal yourself. You might benefit from seeking additional help in some way – either through treatment by a professional practitioner, asking for assistance with day-to-day tasks at home so you can rest more easily and devote time to focusing on getting well again or accepting social support during this difficult time.

If someone close to you has offered their care and/or companionship, but you’ve turned it down because of pride or stubbornness, take another look; they may have been trying to tell you something important without hurting your feelings!

The Strength Reversed Meaning as a Situation

When The Strength reversed appears in a Tarot reading as a present-day situation, it can indicate that you or someone else is being drained of their energy.

They might be suffering from chronic illness or fatigue but refusing to accept help with daily tasks at home or professional medical care. In this case, they’re determined not to let anyone see how much difficulty they have coping on their own – which could lead them into dangerous denial about the seriousness of their condition.

People who are emotionally exhausted because of dealing with difficult situations may also benefit from giving themselves time out before making important decisions.

Sometimes we need to take a break for our minds and hearts to recover enough so we can think clearly again!

You might feel better able to make sensible choices if you have time to relax and refuel with the help of your loved ones.

The Strength reversed can also indicate that someone close to you is being stubborn or refusing offers of assistance for emotional reasons – they don’t want their pride to suffer by accepting what seems like charity!

This could be a sign that this person needs some extra love, understanding or reassurance at present; it’s too easy for them to give up on themselves if there are people who care enough about them not to allow this kind of self-neglect!

The Strength Reversed Meaning as Relationship Outcome

When The Strength reversed appears in a Tarot reading as the outcome to an ongoing relationship, it can indicate that you or your loved one is experiencing feelings of chronic fatigue.

You might be neglecting yourself by refusing help at home with daily tasks so you can focus on other things – work, hobbies, etc. Or maybe they’re spending all their time taking care of someone else without giving themselves permission to take breaks and enjoy life outside responsibilities?

The Strength Reversed Meaning as Feelings and Emotions

The Strength reversed meaning as feelings and emotions is not a very good one.

It can represent your lack of courage, fear, feeling vulnerable and insecure about yourself. You might feel like giving up on something or getting stuck in some situation where you cannot move forward anymore.

If this has to do with love, it means that the person involved does not have enough strength to face problems and challenges together with their partner, rather than running away from them by themselves.

This card reversed also points out an important connection between trust and letting go because, after all, we only seek power over someone else when we are afraid they will take our own power away from us if given a chance for doing so.

The Strength Reversed Meaning in Spiritual Readings

The Strength reversed meaning in spiritual readings is that you are trying to control your own life too much, not giving enough space for the Universe and Divine Forces.

You might be limiting yourself with certain beliefs where it can manifest itself in many different ways: being afraid of failure or success, being insecure about what other people think about you, holding grudges against others even when they sincerely apologize…

These are all signs of lack of self-respect because this card shows us how confident we feel deep inside ourselves when walking our path towards enlightenment.

We also have to remember here that The Strength tarot card carries a very important message – courage is shown through action rather than words only!

The Strength Reversed Meaning as an Obstacle or Challenge

The Strength tarot reversed is when the obstacles in your life are blocking you from reaching your goal.

When The Strength card appears reversed, it means that there will be a challenge to overcome or an obstacle preventing you from achieving success on whatever path that person has chosen.

It may also mean that they have not taken enough responsibility for their own actions and letting things happen rather than making them happen themselves. This situation needs more effort if the individual wants results instead of excuses or blame being passed around without anyone actually doing anything about it all.

They need to get back up again after defeat, because this is what gives people power, even though many times they may feel weak inside but are too afraid to admit it, so instead, their pride gets in the way.

The Strength card reversed can sometimes mean that an individual is too sensitive and needs to toughen up.

The Strength Reversed Meaning as Action

The Strength tarot card meaning is often associated with the need of action. The energy seems to be stuck, so it needs some boost or push in order to flow again.

This pushing can come from an outside source (we will see later who this “source” could be) but also from inside you – your own strength and faith might just give that extra boost you needed!

The Strength Reversed Meaning in Conflict

Conflict is the name of the game for this card, whether it’s an internal conflict or a battle with someone else.

When The Strength tarot card appears reversed in your reading (which means that you should pay attention and be prepared to take action), there can be many factors involved in what may have caused such sudden disturbance: lack of energy, unclear priorities and goals… It can also mean that you are feeling overwhelmed by the situation.

What is certain, though, is that this card reversed represents a time for introspection and self-evaluation.

The Strength tarot card means to be patient right now because no matter what happens, everything will eventually pass. The energy contained in this powerful suit tells us not to lose hope or faith even if things seem bleak at the moment.

The Strength Reversed Meaning as Advice

When The Strength tarot card appears reversed in your reading, the message is simple: take action. There’s no time to wait or waste – this requires immediate attention and response!

The Strength Reversed also asks you not to get stuck on one track of thinking only because it might lead you into a dead-end street. You can be too ambitious sometimes, which means that perhaps you should tone down your expectations for now until things are more stable again.

You need to find a balance between being passionate about what you do and taking care of yourself first at all times. This way, even if obstacles may come up along the road ahead, nothing will stop you from reaching your destination safely and successfully.

The Strength Meaning in Your Past, Present and Future

The Strength Upright Meaning in the Past:

The first and most obvious meaning of Strength is raw power.

If you drew this card in the past, it likely represents an important lesson or experience from your youth that gave you a new level of confidence and self-assurance.

This does not necessarily mean physical strength – though if the card fell on some other suit like Pentacles (money), then there may be money contained within as well as lessons about how to use such resources wisely for one’s own benefit.

The Strength Upright Meaning in the Present

The Strength is a card about inner strength and taking control of your life.

It usually signals that you are at an important crossroads in your life, where the decisions made will have major implications for the future. This decision may be related to love or career – even possibly both!

The key here though is that it’s something over which you feel like you have some power and personal agency.

You make this choice because it feels right to yourself as opposed to out of duty or fear of what others might think if they knew about them (note: when reversed, there may be external pressures making such choices more likely). In other words, Strength doesn’t mean selfishness but rather self-determination.

The Strength Upright Meaning in the Future

The upside of Strength is that it can represent a new beginning – the start of something wonderful. It’s about doing things in life that make you truly happy and fulfilled, which may or may not involve love (it depends on what other cards fall with it).

It also points to success and health issues being resolved too: anything from chronic pain going away for good to finding your soulmate. The only thing we need to do now is figuring out exactly how we can achieve these goals! How will we get there? What small step(s) can be taken right now towards such an exciting future?

The Strength Reversed Meaning in the Past

The Strength reversed is a sign of being stuck, unable to move forward. This card might indicate that the person has lost their way in some matter or they have been hurt by someone close.

The negative energy can be so strong it may require an exorcism before anything good happens again on the path of life. In time, however, this card often suggests partnership issues as well as problems caused from within yourself rather than from without.

The Strength Reversed Meaning in the Present

The Strength reversed can be a sign that you are pushing yourself too hard, leading to feelings of being overwhelmed.

This card may also indicate that your strength, which was once present within your life, has been lost or damaged in some way due to circumstances beyond your control.

You might feel as though you have no power over anything at the moment but it’s important not to give up because things will improve with time if only you remain conscious about what path you choose for yourself now.

The Strength Reversed Meaning in the Future

In the future, when The Strength tarot card is reversed, you might experience a lack of strength in your social life.

You won’t have any energy to keep going and you will feel very tired all the time because of that.

However, remember not to give up if this happens – just try to take it easy for a while instead!

If people around someone who has reversed The Strength in their deck are supportive, he/she can recover from these feelings easily enough.

The Strength Tarot Card Combinations with Other Cards

When The Strength card is next to the Page of Swords, it means that a person will have an argument with his friend. This could be about something trivial and unimportant, but still, they might get angry at each other because of this.

When the Queen of Wands accompanies The Strength tarot card in a reading, it predicts a fruitful discussion between friends or family members, which resolves all their misunderstandings and disagreements. If you draw these two cards when asking “Will I ever find love?” then there are good chances for such a thing happening if you pursue your dream partner actively enough (and if he/she pursues you too).

Another important combination is when The Strength appears together with The Chariot: in this case, both cards signify power, success and achieving one’s goals. This is a very positive reading which predicts that you will overcome all your obstacles standing on the path to becoming successful in business or relationships.

The Strength card also goes well with The Emperor: such a combination means strength behind authority and deep respect for traditions (or at least it says about the person who drew this tarot spread). If you draw these two cards when asking “What should I do?” then it might mean that you need to take more responsibility over certain issues in order to achieve better results than before.

When The Strength appears next to Justice, it tells us that we have enough resources available right now so we can start working towards our long-term plans. If you draw these two cards when asking “What should I do?” then it means that your decision is the right one and giving up on this idea would be a mistake.

When The Strength comes next to Eight of Cups, it predicts that somebody will get over an emotional crisis which he/she has been suffering during the last few months or even years. It might mean divorce in case of marriage relationships, but if we are talking about friends or just acquaintances who have gone through very rough times together lately, then they will reconcile after all (and probably start being more affectionate towards each other than before).

The Last important combinations with The Strength card are Nine of Wands and Ace of Pentacles. Drawing both nine wands and pentacles in a reading means that we already have enough resources available to start working on our plans. This is also the time for us to take more initiative than before and not be afraid of making mistakes: this way we will develop our skills even further which can lead towards achieving greater success.

The Strength: Is It Yes or No Card?

The Strength is a card of Yes or No? It all depends on the question.

The Strength can be very good at saying no to sex, drugs, and rock’s roll. But it can say yes to passion in its highest form–love without control.

Remember this when you are wondering if your Tarot reading says positive things about love that seem impossible.

Astrology and The Strength Tarot Card

The Strength is also ruled by the planet Venus, which rules love and money. People with this card are often very lucky in these areas of life because they have a very powerful balance between being loving AND having good boundaries regarding their own safety.

People born under The Strength sign are usually self-sufficient, energetic, passionate about what interests them most (for example: work or other projects) without lacking sensuality. They can be working 24 hours a day but take time to relax on weekends!

They understand people who need help while not letting anyone use them for too long–they know how it feels when others depend on you. That makes these individualists really reliable friends and partners even though they may say “yes” only if something seems appealing to them.

The Strength is a card of self-confidence and trust in your own willpower and ability to make things happen!

But don’t forget: you can be strong without stepping on other people, so choose the loving Yes instead of the controlling No when it comes to helping others.

The Strength Tarot Card in a Daily reading

If you draw the Strength card in your daily Tarot reading it means that yes, this can be a day when all things are possible.

You will have to make an effort, but if everything is moving towards good (or at least neutral) outcomes, there should not be anything major stopping you!

This tarot card also indicates that taking well-calculated risks could lead to success and happiness. The only problem? You may end up hurting someone else’s feelings or pride instead of making them happy.

So choose wisely!

Frequently Asked Questions About Strength Tarot Card

Is the Strength a Yes or a No Card?

The Strength tarot card is a positive and affirmative answer. It means yes, go ahead or I agree with you.

What Zodiac Sign Is the Strength?

The Strength card belongs to the sign Leo.

Summary about Strength Tarot Card

The Strength tarot card means different things depending on the question asked and other cards surrounding it. It can mean an emotional or physical strength that helps you overcome obstacles, strong relationships with others or finding ways around problems without giving up hope entirely. Also, look out for windfalls, as these could be coming your way soon.

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