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Strength Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of VIII Strength Tarot Card?In general, the tarot card “Strength” stands for trusting yourself. Only in this way can others put their trust in you.

Short Meaning Of Strength

  • Vitality
  • Strength
  • Self-confidence
  • Courage
  • Bravery
  • Sensuality
  • Harmony
  • Self-control

The Strength in Tarot symbolizes how unbeatable you are. Your day could not begin better! Your powers are enormous and despite your relaxation you are full of energy. No matter if you are looking for a new job or want to change your position – the tarot card “Strength” says that you can probably succeed today!

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Strength

For me this tarot card has a very special message. Acting from deepest conviction and positive intuition is very important for me. Here, impulsive feelings and empathy meet each other without standing out. Rather, it is a peaceful co-existence that leads to wonderful results. I recommend you to act with all your heart and to fully absorb and process the positive energy that this card brings with it.

In all areas of life you have the best chances for success with this Tarot Card. Your aura is unavoidable and has a very positive effect on your fellow human beings.

The Strength In Love And Relationship

In the tarot card ” Strength “, gentleness wins. You will surely soothe your spirited partner with your charm and empathy. It is important that you remain pure of heart and do not use manipulation. I understand this to mean that you will carefully follow your path together. The way that seems best to you is the right one. Do not hesitate and trust in your inner strength. It will bring you to where you want to be.

The Strength In Money And Career

As a mentally capable and strong person you are full of Strength and strength. Your self-control leaves a positive and confident impression on your environment. Especially in hectic situations in your professional life, you always remain calm. Your enormous drive almost catapults you to the top. Your decisions are courageous but still honest. Patience alone is not one of your strengths. Self-determination is good, but in moderation. Appreciate the benefits of life and think about what you have and not what you are missing. A healthy attitude towards reality is important to move forward.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card The Strength

With the reversed card of Strength in tarot, your strengths quickly turn to the negative. Now the danger is great that you simply want to get your way, regardless of losses. Without admitting any feelings, no solid interpersonal relationships can develop. Your inner lion should not be at odds with your good qualities.

The Strength In Combination

The Strength And The Fool

This combination suggests the Strength of laws or the laws of nature. A good balance can be seen, overall rather disrespectful but not necessarily unpleasant.

The Strength And The Magician

This variation stands for a smooth execution of an action or plan. It shows a skilful person who is very productive and hard-working.

Strength And The High Priestess

A ruler of the woman is the focus here. A time of peace between conflicts brings peace and harmony.

The Strength And The Empress

This combination refers to male or female dominance. A woman is disturbed by a man, the same can also be the other way round. A relationship between two people is shown here, with active and passive roles, which are clearly distributed.

The Strength And The Emperor

If these cards are related, there is a great political or military leader. Total trust is given. Robust health as well. However, there is a danger in various actions, even if they serve the purpose.

The Force And The Hierophant

This combination points to a strong material position. The virtues of perseverance and strength are often seen here. A leader with advisors is in the focus.

The Strength And The Lovers

This is where a strong relationship or bond becomes apparent. People with different talents help to fulfill a task. in work or relationship are also important aspects that need to be worked on.

The Strength And The Chariot

Indicates the importance of optics. Beauty treatments are in the foreground in this context. In addition, appearances dominate here. Also an experience related to a party or show can be seen.

The Strength And The Hermit

Refers to subtlety in dealing sensitively with different situations.

A tendency to be sneaky stands out. A person who thinks before he acts can be seen here as well as a person who fights for advice but cannot take it to heart.

The Strength And The Wheel Of Fortune

Knowledge of the value of the reward should not be underestimated in this constellation. A person who favors favors can help to fulfill wishes.

The Strength And The Justice

Means indecision. A tendency to investigate and brood too much can be very exhausting. Also a person who is generous in a cautious way means this card combination. A person who tries to give what is necessary but not what is desired.

The Strength And The Hanged Man

This is about a feeling of destiny. A feeling that events have a pattern, but the pattern is not fully recognizable.

The Strength And Death

A person who has many hidden depths.

If these cards are connected, then a normal and calm person appears, who suddenly takes over for a short time. One who lives a secret life and would make a good spy. Also a potential lunatic could be meant.

The Strength And Temperance

The ability to make practical plans is advantageous. The ability to create objects and actions is also in focus. A project cannot be finished, it does not fail because of the planning, but because of the implementation.

The Strength And The Devil

Refers to insights into details. A person who makes small corrections effortlessly and accurately can be recognized here. Difficulties overall in planning or acting cause trouble.

The Strength And The Tower

Represents a proud parent. Or/and a difficult friend. Someone who is not interested in matters outside the home.

The Strength And The Star

Means curiosity. There is a preference for stories, especially for puzzles. A tendency to find difficulties in an otherwise simple situation tests patience.

The Strength And The Moon

Hesitation in a time of calm. Doubt in good days. One who cares for the future.

The Strength And The Sun

It is about a person who surprises others. Jemad, who appears larger than life for no apparent reason. People who exude calm and meaning dominate the environment.

The Strength And Judgement

Refers to an extroverted person.

Also a center of attention. Someone who is excited; being surrounded by these people makes others bright and cheerful.

The Strength And The World

A person who likes hard and dirty work can be recognized here.

A feeling of foreboding or worry dominates the emotional life.

Tarot Card The Strength As Advice

The card of Strength stands for vitality and assertiveness. I advise you to use your assertiveness especially today, whether in your job or in love. Please take a friendly but firm stand. Today you have the Strength of eloquence on your side.

In Love

Lovers are not always in agreement, even if they get along very well on the bottom line. I would like to encourage you to stand up for your needs today. You will be able to find the right words and make yourself understood. Constructive discussions can be very helpful to influence the relationship positively. Please just say what you think today.

At Work

The Map of Strength wants to show you that you can take on difficult projects at your work today. With vitality and assertiveness you can convince not only your boss, but also your colleagues and customers. I advise you to reflect on your inner strength today.

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