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Justice Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of XI Justice Tarot Card?In general, the tarot card “Justice” stands for taking responsibility. Responsibility here refers to the correct assessment of the situation.

Short Meaning The Justice

  • Maturing
  • Transformation
  • presumption of judgement
  • Prejudices
  • Inner Balance
  • Acting responsibly
  • Self-control

All in all it is now time to take responsibility for your actions. The inner balance is very important, both in a partnership and in other social spheres. Even if other people try to bring you out of balance, always remain considerate and remember your self-control. Never make your decisions in a hurry, but take the message in you and let it work for a few seconds. Soon you will be aware of the energy that this tarot card transmits to you. You will soon notice clear positive changes for you. With the right attitude you will succeed in many more things!

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Justice

I understand this to mean that it is about recognizing the right thing. For this you need your mind as well as your emotional ability to weigh things up. The time has now come to take responsibility for yourself. Decisions should therefore be made consciously. Justice is not always apparent at first sight. Especially when you are biased and cannot approach things neutrally. Often it only becomes clear many years later where Justice lay in many things.

The Justice In Love And Relationship

A balanced relationship consists of giving and taking. It is based on mutual respect and consideration for each other. Therefore I understand the drawing of the tarot card “Justice” as an appeal to the willingness to compromise without imposing conditions. Reflect on the elementary things and learn to appreciate things again. In this way you will also be grateful for your intact partnership.

Justice In Money And Career

In terms of job and career, everything is going very well for you. The Justice in Tarot leaves nothing to be desired. A good and stable foundation provides the best career opportunities. I understand that you have the right maturity to make your ideas come true. New positions and negotiations with superiors are no problem now. Use your insights from the past years and learn from your decisions. In this way you will know what is right for you. Soon you will receive recognition from your colleagues.

The Meaning Of The Reverse Tarot Card Justice

The reverse tarot card “Justice” means that you get to know yourself best when you experience yourself in social interaction. How do you react when your opposite does not do or say what you expect? This is exactly the point where you put yourself to the test. At the same time, you train your self-control and learn to be diplomatic when necessary. Do not let your own desires dominate you, but grow on yourself. Soon you will be in harmony with your soul and spirit.

The Justice In Combination

Justice And The Fool

This combination indicates happiness and health. It is about a humorous and energetic person or about qualities that represent these aspects. Furthermore, power is implied and the urge to overcome obstacles carelessly.

Justice And The Magician

This variation stands for a smooth execution of an action or plan. It shows a skilful person who is very productive and hard-working.

Justice And The High Priestess

Means quarrel among lovers. A man wants a dominant woman. A woman desires to lead a man. It is good for a relationship if restraint is exercised.

Justice And The Empress

This combination refers to male or female dominance. A woman is disturbed by a man, the same can also be the other way round. A relationship between two people is shown here, with active and passive roles, which are clearly distributed.

Justice And The Emperor

If these cards are related, there is a great political or military leader. Total trust is given. Robust health as well. However, there is a danger in various actions, even if they serve the purpose.

Justice And The Hierophant

This combination points to a strong material position. The virtues of perseverance and strength are often seen here. A leader with advisors is in the focus.

Justice And The Lovers

This is where a strong relationship or bond becomes apparent. People with different talents help to fulfill a task. in work or relationship are also important aspects that need to be worked on.

Justice And The Chariot

Indicates the importance of optics. Beauty treatments are in the foreground in this context. In addition, appearances dominate here. Also an experience related to a party or show can be seen.

Justice And The Hermit

Refers to subtlety in dealing with different situations.

A tendency to be sneaky is also shown by a person who thinks before he acts. A person who fights for advice but cannot take it to heart. Justice and the wheel of fate are often linked.

Justice And Strength

In this case it is about indecision. A tendency to investigate too much is discernible. Also a person who is generous in a cautious way. Trying to give what is necessary but not what is desired.

Justice And The Hanged Man

This combination represents a sense of destiny. A sense that events have a pattern, but the pattern is not fully apparent.

Justice And Death

If these cards are connected, there is one person who has many hidden depths.

A normal and calm person who suddenly takes over for a short time. A person who leads a secret life and would make a good spy. It could be a maniac.

Justice And Temperance

Means the ability to make practical plans. Talent to design objects and actions is present! A person could not finish a project, is satisfied with the planning but not with the action.

Justice And The Devil

Insights into details become possible. A person who makes small corrections effortlessly and accurately. Difficulties can be identified overall when planning or acting.

Justice And The Tower

It is about a proud parent. It is also about a difficult friend. Someone who is not interested in matters outside the home.

Justice And The Star

Refers to curiosity. A fondness for stories, especially puzzles. A tendency to find difficulties in an otherwise simple situation is found here.

Justice And The Moon

Indicates a hesitation in a time of calm. Doubts dominate in good days. One who cares for the future can be recognized.

Justice And The Sun

A person who surprises others is in focus. Someone who appears larger than life for no apparent reason. People who exude calm and meaning also play an important role here.

Justice And Judgement

An extroverted person appears. A center of attention is also visible. Someone who is excited; being surrounded by these people makes others bright and happy.

Justice And The World

It is about a person who likes hard and dirty work.

A feeling of foreboding or worry is also evident.

Tarot Card Justice As Advice

In my opinion, the card of Justice symbolizes a decision. I would therefore like to ask you to consider in which respect a decision might be pending. Please be aware of how important it is in some situations to make a decision. Then you will surely feel relieved.

In Love

Even in love it is sometimes important to make certain decisions. The card of Justice now invites you to make a decision. Please be aware in your decision that in the end it is always about the welfare of your own soul. Not always is the time for compromise.

At Work

I think that the Map of Justice makes it particularly clear that an important decision is pending in the matter of the profession. I advise you to consider how comfortable you feel with your current profession. If you are not happy with it, it is now time to seriously look for alternatives.

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