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Death Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of XIII Death Tarot Card?In general, I see Death in Tarot as a call for acceptance.

Short Meaning Of The Death

  • Farewell
  • End of a phase
  • Final separation
  • Unnoticed farewell

All in all, Death actually heralds the end of a phase. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry that you will lose everything now. It is not the case that you have to let go of something irretrievably. I understand Death in Tarot as a new beginning. Because even if you lose something, you will win it anew in another place.

I recommend you to be attentive and not to let go. The message holds profound transmissions for you. Take your time to absorb the energy of this tarot card and process it completely. Everything will be fine, if you allow it. Don’t let negative feelings overwhelm you, but motorize yourself and tell yourself that you can do anything if you really want to. Your new stage of life is waiting for you!

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Death

Now is the time to let go. Many things say goodbye in a person’s life without really being noticed. Examples are phases of life, personality parts, dreams or eternally postponed things. But also in the circle of friends, there can be farewells that are not pronounced, but gradually come to pass. People themselves can die or beloved pets can also die. According to this, Death does all honor to its name in the Tarot.

Death In Love And Relationship

With regard to love, Death in the Tarot heralds the end of a relationship phase. For me this does not mean the final end. It is rather about taking the relationship to a new level. Nevertheless, the end of a relationship is not impossible. Here the consideration is to be evaluated individually on the relationships.

My tip: It makes no sense to hold on to a relationship if it is obvious that there are enough signs that it is better to leave. Here the saying goes – one door closes, another one opens.

Death In Money And Career

Also in the professional field, Death in Tarot symbolizes the end of a phase. Often it can be a change of position, in which you say goodbye to your previous position. It is best to go deep inside yourself and examine your individual situation. Ask yourself the questions whether you are satisfied with your current position or whether your superior agrees with the way you work. Have you received much praise or recognition from colleagues recently? All these are important questions that will give you the answer to the exact interpretation of Death in the Tarot. Of course, Death can also stand for a termination, but you should not be so negative about the message.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Death

The reversed tarot card “Death” shows you that you are resigning too much right now. Also arbitrariness is an important term that reflects your current situation. It is not a productive state to pretend to be “dead” for too long. Surely a short break is no problem to become more productive again, but I do not recommend you to stay too long.

Death In Combination

Death And The Fool

This combination indicates the power to endure great hardship. It indicates a good memory and immediate karma. This is true in both the negative and positive sense.

Death And The Magician

Here you can see a person who has just come out of a difficult situation. Someone who has been missing for a longer period of time also reappears. This person usually comes from relatives.

Death And The High Priestess

Indicates safety in situations and places that are dangerous for others. A great personal power is recognizable. This brings exciting and interesting experiences.

Death And The Empress

This combination indicates a rest to recover from illness or failure. This could also apply to a hot love relationship, but it is not as stable.

Death And The Emperor

This combination shows a tyrant or dictator. A person who is not open to the advice of others. Often also a person who knows very well what to do. Sometimes it is about a dangerous nutcase in this context.

Death And The Hierophant

When this combination comes about, it is a crisis in life. This crisis leaves traces that can be seen even later. It is also about a book or other stories about emergency situations.

Death And The Lovers

Indicates a close relationship between people who seem or are very different. The Death of a loved one brings great sorrow. It is also about courage to protect a loved one and to be there for him or her.

Death And The Chariot

Refers to the withdrawal from public life. An inner experience provides enough excitement. People who like to be left alone are in the foreground here.

Death And Justice

If these cards are connected, there is one person who has many hidden depths. A normal and calm person who suddenly takes over for a short time. A person who leads a secret life and would make a good spy. It could be a maniac.

Death And The Hermit

Indicates creative tension. The feeling of pressure and physical pain dominates in this case. The person in question would like to be drugged, maybe get drunk.

Death And The Wheel Of Fortune

It is about physical Death due to natural causes or due to the usual health risks and vices. Losses in gambling have been reported. A crisis point where life is changed is also imminent or already present.

Death And Strength

A person who has many hidden depths.

If these cards are connected, then a normal and calm person appears, who suddenly takes over for a short time. One who lives a secret life and would make a good spy. Also a potential lunatic could be meant.

Death And The Hanged Man

Although the risk of physical suffering is present, there are usually many advantages to this combination. A sudden gift can be expected here.

Death And Temparence

Indicates the need to pay attention to the body’s signals of emotional health or general feeling about the situation. Also someone who attracts attention is presented here.

Death And The Devil

Minor disability or discomfort dominate in this constellation. Especially a tendency to see a bigger problem instead of a small one is present here. Sometimes a minor but common illness such as a cold can develop.

Death And The Tower

Refers to fever and related diseases. Also refers to psychic awareness. This combination can signal a need to seek omens to avoid misfortune.

Death And The Star

Recovery from oppression or pathological loneliness is the focus here. Visual experiences in the night are connected with the moon.

Death And The Moon

A quiet place appears. A need for water is present, either to drink it or to bathe in it. Memories of the dead or of earlier periods in a life, dominate the thoughts.

Death And The Sun

If these cards are in relation to each other, then it is simply a matter of luck. Happy feelings, happy situations and good health. An extremely favorable combination.

Death And Judgement

Means peace and fulfilment of life. Sometimes also pain, ulcers or tiredness.

Death And The World

Producing under pressure is an art that is in the foreground here. Also a time of tiredness, in which nevertheless much is achieved, because of habits or necessities. The curse of endless work can be annoying at times.

Tarot Card Death As Advice

Not a few people fear Death. The card of Death stands for a farewell, but definitely also for a new beginning. I would like to ask you now to trust the laws of life, pay attention today to how the sun goes down and the moon rises and have confidence in your life.

In Love

Today it may very well be that you realize that an important phase in your relationship is coming to an end. Then it is good for you to know that a new beginning is now ready for you. I advise you to associate something positive and adventurous with it, then the spiritual journey remains exciting for you.

At Work

The card of Death shows you the way out today. Maybe you change departments at work, take on a new job or change jobs right away. I recommend that you allow yourself to be positively surprised, because sometimes it takes time to recognize the new beginning after an end.

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