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How to Feel Tarot Cards – Interpreting Tarot Readings

Whether you are an experienced tarot reader or not, you have most likely memorized keywords and phrases that explain the meanings of various tarot cards. Most of us apply symbolic descriptions of the card to a particular situation or question when doing a reading.

Humans are very logical creatures. Our minds naturally seek to recognize and understand patterns. What we perceive as intuitive reading is very often a mind exercise. Yet no matter how powerful our brain is, it sometimes may be helpful to turn the mind “puzzle solver” off and view your reading from a slightly different perspective.

How to “Feel” the meaning of tarot cards

I stumbled upon this technique quite accidentally. I laid out the cards and found one that meaning was puzzling to me. I picked it up and brought it closer to my eyes. That simple act completely changed my perspective. Suddenly, I was faced with a “living” image that told a story filled with many clearly defined emotions. I was inside the card. I “got” its meaning.

Understanding the Cards through Visualization

There are many ways to “feel” cards, and visualization maybe one of them (for that, you will need a deck that shows images). Just pick up a card and observe the body language of figures in the card, their energy as they perform different tasks. Identify yourself with them. For instance, when looking at the card 3 of Wands, imagine you are standing at the seashore. Feel the breeze and smell of the scent of the ocean. What are the feelings that come to you as you look in the distance? Do you wonder what’s beyond the horizon? Do you feel happy, energized or thoughtful? What do those feelings remind you of in your everyday life?

This is a great meditation technique when you do a reading for yourself. The meaning of the cards will go way beyond the standard description you find in the books. It will be specific to you. When doing a reading for a client, ask them to describe the card. Start with easy questions such as what a person on the image is doing. Then move onto more in-depth questions, such as what emotions does the card evoke, do they recognize themselves in the picture, do they see a correlation with the events in their lives?

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