Major Arcana Tarot Cards


The Major Arcana are Tarot’s trump cards. Filled with archetypical symbols, they represent universal truths about human condition. Unlike the Minor Arcana that depict events, thoughts and emotions temporary in nature, Major Arcana deal with important stages in our lives.

Each of the Major Arcana Tarot cards deals with thoughts and events that are meant to enhance our spiritual awareness. Throughout our life journey, we go through stages that teach us about the human nature and existence. This is the theme of what is called the “Fool’s Journey“. We begin with the first card of Major Arcana, the Fool, naive and unaware of what lies ahead. Through many trials, we arrive at the 21st card of the set, the World, which symbolizes the completion of an important phase in our spiritual development.

This is what Major Arcana are all about: the major events, the important life lessons, the necessary moments of our development that are to lead us to higher knowledge.


List of Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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