I got frustrated with the Tarot recently. There is a problem I have been trying to solve for a while and somehow I just can’t seem to find the right approach, the golden key to get this obstacle out of my way. I got uplifting readings and then the “doom and gloom” readings. “Did Tarot fail me??” I wondered. I finally concluded I must have been asking wrong questions. Resigned, I shuffled cards and asked:

What answers can you give… What are you for?!

min_c_knHmm… Knight of Cups… You are handing me a chalice and in it: a spiritual message, enlightenment. It is not the prediction of future I should expect, but wisdom, a sip of refreshing wine that will awaken my spirit and connect me to something greater, divine. That higher knowledge or understanding is meant to help us act and make the decisions that shape our lives.


Then why are your messages confusing and inconsistent? (I drew another card)

min_c_099 of Cups.. That took me by surprise. One glass of wine is refreshing, 9 will make you drunk! And that unfortunately is a problem of many Tarot readers. One card is not enough. There are questions that lead to more questions, and before we know it, we start the process all over again. With each additional sip, our vision gets blurry, our thinking incoherent. Tarot messages are jumping from one extreme to another until they leave us confused and anxious.






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