Many people feel quite confused and worried when Ace of Swords appears in their relationship reading. Of course, the first thing they see is the sword, sharp, dangerous weapon forged to deliver a deadly blow. And all Tarot Readers know that Swords are not a very romantic Tarot Suit. With many interpretations in the books and circulating the web, good and bad, you may feel confused whether the Ace of Swords Tarot card bodes well for the future of your love life.

After multiple tarot card readings I have delivered to people concerned about their relationships, here is what I learned about the meaning of  the card Ace of Swords in love and relationships:

The Basic Meaning of the Ace of Swords

Aces are not the easiest cards when it comes to predicting future. They are not as tangible as some minor arcana, say 2 of Cups or 3 of Swords and their meaning will often depend on other cards in the spread. As the first card of the suit, they are the purest and simplest representation of its qualities. Swords signify thoughts and communication, so expect new ideas and important conversations when Ace of Swords comes up in your reading. You can learn more about the general meaning of the card by reading Ace of Swords Tarot Card Meaning.

Ace of Swords as Speaking Your Mind

With Ace of Swords in your reading, there is usually some clarifying to do, and often via truthful conversation. Most of us dislike open confrontation, partly because we are afraid to find out something “bad”. Tell a man you want to have a serious conversation with him and you will see him run through the door. Women are not that good at the game either. They will talk about their worries to their girlfriends for hours, while their partner remains clueless of their growing issues and insecurities.

With Ace of Swords we find the courage to voice our mind,  and that is often to the benefit of our relationship. Not only do we manage to solve any past misunderstandings but we also show our partners that we are assertive, confident and equal partners. Clear and  straight forward talk can often help restore the necessary balance in our relationships.

Ace of Swords will often come up when a couple is going through relationship problems, and there have been estrangement and arguments. With the tension building up, Ace of Sword marks a moment when you address the issues and clarify them. It is a moment where you reach a conclusion to the problems and begin of a new chapter. The card may often indicate that the miscommunication between you and your loved one is over and you both can move on to the next phase of your relationship. However, it may also mean that you are ready to break ties with that person and move on.

Ace of Swords as the Relationship “Aha Moment”

Another possible meaning of the card Ace of Sword  card is a state of mind when things become clear, like “Oh, that’s what the problem really is” or “That’s how I could handle this issue”. With Ace of Swords in your reading, you did some thinking and figuring out, put the pieces together and have a moment of enlightenment.  Sometimes, it’s a great plan of action, sometimes a sobering experience when you realize “the truth”. Could this mean the end of the relationship? Yes, should you choose that option. Aces are empowerment cards, the future action will most likely come from you.

Ace of Swords Gone Wrong

In general the Ace of Swords will have a positive tone. Even if it means the end of a relationship, you will have a sense of victory when delivering the blow. However as any card, Ace of Swords has negative sides. You will see it when you notice the Reversed Ace of Swords (for readers that do not use reversals, it will be often indicated by accompanying cards). That’s when the communication becomes bitter and words cruel. Depending on the position in the spread, it can indicate verbally abusive partner or hurtful news.

Ace of Swords in Love and Relationships Summary

No matter the actual circumstances that are symbolized by the Ace of Swords Tarot Card, things will become clear. Either through candid  talk, your own thought process, or external news, you will know where you stand. The results of this newly gained clarity are yet to be revealed, as the Aces are very much cards of potential. When you see the card in your spread, remember the phrase “Information is power”. Knowing is the best weapon you can have to defend yourself or to charge forward with your life.









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    Thank you! Your post was really spot on. It helped me understand my reading.

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